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Penis Envy mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushrooms: Effects, Benefits, Risks, And More

What Are Penis Envy Mushrooms? A Quick Look 

Penis Envy is a mushroom under the Psilocybe cubensis species that delivers unique properties to users around the world. The mushroom appears to have a wide, thick stem with a brown round top. It appears to have a phallic shape to the entire mushroom and is natively grown in the Columbian Amazon. 

Terrence Mckenna led the discovery of Penis Envy in the 1970s. He got a batch of the spores and went back home to uncover the unique properties of the shroom.   

Penis Envy mushrooms are popular among mycologists and shroom enthusiasts due to the effects, potency, appearance, and properties it provides. 

The shrooms contain a higher-than-normal psilocybin and psilocin content that makes for a very robust psychedelic experience. Several users enjoy the mushroom for its distinct effects that are different than other Psilocybe cubensis species like Golden Teacher. The robust potency is what experienced users enjoy the most since it takes them to new perceptions of reality. This article explains the Penis Envy characteristics, benefits, effects, and risks of the mushroom to provide insight into the new mushroom enthusiasts. 

Types Of Penis Envy Mushrooms

There are many different types of magic mushrooms within the world, especially the different types of Penis Envy magic mushrooms. 

Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy is a white milk mushroom similar to the standard Penis Envy but is smaller and appears to have blue tints on the head. Their caps don’t become fully developed, making them a distinct mushroom. Also, they have a high potency content due to the blue tints within their mushroom structure. Many users enjoy the mushroom for these reasons and continue to ingest it throughout their lives. 

Penis Envy Uncut

The mushrooms strain is a genetic derivative of the standard Penis Envy with a robust potency equaling 2%, that’s higher than the average Psilocybe cubensis species of Koh Samui and Golden Teacher. When looking at Penis Envy Uncut, you can see it looks similar to the original Penis Envy magic mushrooms with subtle differences. 

Trans Penis Envy

These look like Transkei magic mushroom that contains a yellow-white stem that is thick but not as thick as penis envy shrooms. They have the same cap as the original Penis Envy and offer a distinct appearance. Also, they contain robust potency content that new users should avoid ingesting for the first time. 

Penis Envy Number 6

Penis Envy #6 is a cross hybrid between Penis Envy and the Texas shroom strain. It looks similar to the Texas strain rather than the original Penis Envy. 

The mushroom appears to have a round, wide and flattened cap with brown coloration. The stems are thick and wavy upon appearance. It also has a high potency content, but not quite as potent as Penis Envy. 

Penis Envy Shrooms Dosage 

When finding the accurate dosage of the Penis Envy shrooms, you need to understand the shroom has a relatively high psilocybin and psilocin content, making it a very psychoactive mushroom. Considering it’s one of the strongest magic mushrooms, it’s best to start with a microdose of 0.1 grams to 0.5 grams for a light dose. For a light-moderate dose, take 0.5 grams to 1 gram. A medium dose must be taken between 1 and 2 grams, and a strong dose between 2 and 3 grams. 

The dosage is different for average mushrooms since the amounts are much lower in grams than in Penis Envy. New beginners should avoid consuming Penis Envy magic mushrooms until tolerance is built up to handle the mushroom experience. 

Any more than the recommended dosage for Penis Envy can land you into the heroic dose of mushrooms that can intensify your experience. 

Generally, a dosage guideline should be followed by starting with a smaller amount and then increasing it over time to receive the desired result or outcome. The guideline can be followed if you’re unsure about how well Penis Envy may react within the body. You can also consider microdosing the mushroom for several days or weeks to build a tolerance level. 

Health Benefits Of Penis-Envy Mushrooms

There are dozens of mushroom species providing unique benefits to the mental and physical functions of the human body, especially Penis Envy. The Penis Envy mushroom benefits include: 

  • Change in perceptual awareness
  • Enhance focus on daily tasks
  • Desire for self-development
  • Soothe mental chaos 
  • Elevate internal moods
  • Gain a sense of well-being
  • Ease stomach discomfort 

These are some of the benefits users can receive when ingesting and experiencing the mushroom species. Not everyone can experience similar results since individuals are made with distinct chemical functions in the body. 

Psilocybin works with the brain’s serotonin receptors that regulate sleep, mood, thinking, and perception, according to Molecules, “The Therapeutic Potential of Psilocybin.”This explains why users experience a feel-good sensation during a magic shroom trip. 

Side Effects Of Penis Envy Mushroom

Though the benefits give users a boost in the right direction, there are also side effects to be weary about. 

Side effects of Penis Envy:

  • Recurring hallucinations 
  • Confusion 
  • Paranoia
  • Increase excitement 
  • Anxiousness

These can influence user’s ability to operate throughout their daily lifestyle. It’s best to follow a safe protocol for ingesting Penis Envy and dose accurately. 

How To Use Penis Envy Mushroom Safely

You should prepare for a mushroom trip by planning ahead and blocking out a time frame you’re going to be experiencing the trip. When using Penis Envy, make sure to find the accurate dosage for your experience level, find a safe and calming environment, source responsibility, and avoid mixing with other drug substances. 

It’s necessary to know where you’re getting Penis Envy magic mushrooms to avoid any negative feedback or issues during your trip. Mixing with other drugs can also put you at risk of harming yourself and others, resulting in a bad experience. 

Another safety protocol is to find a trusting magic mushroom sitter who can watch over you during the shroom trip. They can alert medical teams on call if you are having issues or problems with the mushroom journey. 

If you find a trip sitter, ensure they have a clear protocol to follow when you’re experiencing the trip. It’s best if they don’t interrupt your experience since that can do more harm than good. Getting a clear safety protocol for your mushroom trip can minimize risks that can keep you safe and secure. Utilizing harm reduction practices by using the right supplies and protocols to use psychedelics and working with a support team can minimize the risks of mushroom consumption. 

Golden Teacher Vs. Penis Envy

Golden Teacher and Penis Envy shrooms are classified under the same genus species of Psilocybe cubensis. However, they aren’t exactly the same since they have different appearances, potencies, and effects. Golden Teacher is known to have moderate potency that gives users a smooth experience after ingestion. Also, Golden Teachers are ideal mushrooms for beginners due to the medium potency strength they provide. 

Penis Envy has a robust potency content that’s strong and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The mushrooms are ideal for intermediate to advanced users. They’re grown differently since they enjoy distinct natural substrates. Golden Teacher tends to grow in grassy pastures and decomposing wood materials. 

Penis Envy enjoys growing in the Amazon with a distinct environmental climate. 

These two are different but come from the same genus species. Many gravitate toward Golden Teachers for the moderate potency level, typically suited for beginners. 

Several enjoy the strong potency power of Penis Envy and desire a more intense experience when ingesting magic shrooms. When using either magic mushrooms, it’s best to ingest them with care and safely dose them accurately. 

Are Penis Envy Mushrooms Legal In Canada? 

Penis Envy magic mushrooms are 100% illegal in Canada to possess, own, distribute, and or transport due to the Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).

However, Canada does allow for exemptions to be filed based on the qualifications of the Health Minister, according to Health Canada, “Exemptions From Provisions Of The Controlled Drugs And Substances Act.”

Where Can I Find Penis Envy Mushrooms?

You can find Penis Envy mushrooms from a reputable and credible online retailer that’s authorized to sell in Canada. Be sure to buy magic mushrooms from a reliable source to minimize potential issues. They must have gone through standard testing procedures to deliver quality magic shrooms to users. 

How Do Penis Envy Mushrooms Differ From Other Magic Mushrooms?

They’re higher in potency than other magic mushrooms and offer users an intense experience. The dosage is different, and users should take care to dose in smaller levels than normal magic mushrooms. 

The Bottom Line 

Magic mushrooms are found throughout the different areas of the world. Being careful to find the accurate species is essential, especially if you find Penis Envy mushrooms. The mushrooms offer a high potency content that alters an individual’s perception, awareness, and senses. 

Many new users should avoid ingesting the magic shrooms to ensure their safety and security. Also, accurately finding the dosage for magic mushrooms can diminish any potential risks you may encounter with ingesting the natural substances.

Why Is the Penis Mushroom-Shaped?

The penis is not inherently mushroom-shaped. Its form varies among individuals, and describing it as mushroom-shaped might be an oversimplification. The penis typically consists of a shaft and a glans (head), and genetic factors and individual variations can influence its shape. 

The reference to a mushroom shape might arise from the resemblance of the glans to a mushroom cap, but this is a generalization and only sometimes applicable. Ultimately, variations in penile anatomy are normal, and attributing a specific shape to all penises oversimplifies the diversity found in human anatomy.

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