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Golden teacher mushrooms

Golden Teacher Mushrooms: Benefits, Side Effects, And More‚ 

A Quick Look To Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teachers belong to the genus Psilocybe cubensis, a popular mushroom many psychedelic users and mycologists know about. Many suggest Golden Teacher came about in the 1980s, but only a little is known about them since there aren’t conclusive recorded findings.

The natural substance may have been around for thousands of years since the species Psilocybin cubensis was recorded in use by several cultures, including the Aztecs, Maya, Olmec, and others. According to Science Direct, these species occurred in 3000 BC, “Hallucinogenic drugs in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures.” 

The term Golden relates to the appearance of the golden caramel on top of the mushroom, and the term “teacher” may be due to the species of the mushroom being around for thousands of years. Many users enjoy the magic shroom for various reasons, including having a smooth and gentle experience compared to other mushrooms. 

Mycologists continue cultivating the unique mushrooms in their environment and habitat along with mushroom enthusiasts. This article will dive into the specifics of Golden Teachers shroom and the effects they provide users. 

Characteristics Of Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher psilocybin has golden coloration caps with a long, busty stem reaching 5 inches tall. Their caps usually appear flat and rounded in a circle, signifying their unique characteristic. The species grows rapidly in abundance groups in their favourite natural habitat and substrate in Central and South America, Mexico.

They grow in temperatures of 70-75°F and 80-90% humidity. If you happen to find them, they may be grown in cow dung or other favourable areas like grassy fields and wood. They may be hard to pinpoint since their natural growth state doesn’t occur often. Their growth may only come from cultivars. They are great for growing shrooms since they are easy and quick to cultivate. 

Golden Teacher Dosage

Golden Teacher provides a mild potency for users looking to have a smooth and enjoyable experience, which means you may dose appropriately. Since they have lower potencies than other shroom strains, the dosage can be higher than what you’re used to. 

If you’re new to mushrooms, these are the best shrooms to start with. A general guideline is to begin with a low dose and then increase the dose slowly over time until you reach your desired result. The shrooms are great for experiencing a positive journey, but you must take the correct precautions to prepare for a mushroom trip

Chemical Composition

Golden Teacher mushrooms have a moderate amount of psilocybin and psilocin. The psilocybin is responsible for the psychedelic sensation many enjoy. Psilocybin converts into psilocin when ingested directly within the digestive system. The conversion activates the elevated sensation. 

Effects And Experiences

When consuming Golden Teacher, you can experience a smooth, uplifting feeling throughout your sensory perceptions. You become more aware of your environment and alter your state of reality. Golden Teachers shroom brings about hallucinations and open-minded thoughts that weren’t there before taking them. The effects of the mushroom take you on a journey of interconnectedness and self-reflection that brings about a desire to fulfill personal development. 

Potential Benefits And Therapeutic Uses

Golden Teacher is a species of psilocybe cubensis that’s been researched to have unique benefits and therapeutic uses. These benefits of magic mushrooms tend to change an individual’s state of mind and enhance their emotional functions. 

Many users experience the therapeutic uses of the magic mushroom species by using it for their mental and chaotic stressors. 

Psilocybin was studied to minimize functions of the brain associated with depression, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “Psilocybin Treatment for Major Depression Effective for Up to a Year for Most Patients, Study Shows.” 

This study was based on the active compound psilocybin with users with mental and emotional instability. Psilocybin in shrooms can give users a chance to alter their mental functions to have a smoother life with minimal issues. More research on Golden Teachers shroom needs to be done since there are few studies on the specific species.

Safety Precautions

Golden Teacher psilocybin is a robust mushroom for users to experience, but precautions must be taken before use with any substance. Utilize harm reduction strategies if you find yourself experiencing harmful behaviours with frequent use of mushrooms. 

Before considering mushroom consumption, you must prepare for an elevated journey by blocking out an entire day dedicated to the mushroom trip. 

Make sure you let your support group know about your decision to partake in Golden Teacher and where you’re going to be located. 

It can help to have a friend with you that you trust and won’t influence your trip negatively. They can be your support in case anything goes wrong. Also, make sure to take the right dosage amount for your body’s chemical composition. You don’t want to take too much with Golden Teacher. This can result in a good trip if these precautions are considered. 


The magic mushroom species can change your perceptions and enhance your quality of life. Understanding the potency and the effects can help you prepare for a trip. 

Golden Teacher psilocybin may have been around for decades since we don’t know the complete history of the species. 

However, many can enjoy the mushroom in today’s society due to the cultivation practices many mushroom enthusiasts conduct. It’s important to note that Golden Teacher is not as potent as Penis Envy mushrooms and is a good choice for those new to the magic mushroom community. 

Are Golden Teacher Mushrooms Legal To Grow?

Yes. Golden Teacher mushrooms are 100% illegal to grow in Canada. You can’t possess, distribute, or transport psilocybin mushrooms, according to the Government of Canada, under Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). 

How Do Golden Teacher Mushrooms Differ From Other Strains?

Golden Teacher psilocybin isn’t as strong and grows in different natural habitats. The mushroom is also quick and easy to succeed for those looking to grow for the first time. The shrooms are different in coloration and enjoy growing in batches compared to other strains worldwide. 

Can I Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores Legally?

You can buy Golden Teacher psilocybin mushroom spores within Canada if you file for s. According to Health Canada, 56 exemption with the health minister, “Subsection 56(1) class exemption for patients, practitioners, and pharmacists prescribing and providing controlled substances in Canada”. Retail storefronts online and offline can provide different types of magic mushrooms and spores. 

What Is The Average Potency Of Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

The average potency of Golden Teacher mushrooms ranges from 0.7% to 1.2%. This moderate potency is less robust than other psilocybe cubensis species. 

How Should I Store Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

You can store Golden Teacher mushrooms in an airtight container within a cool, dark environment away from oxygen. They can last up to one year when stored this way. 

Another way to store them is placing them in a brown bag left in a dark place, but they only last 10 days. 

What Is The Typical Duration Of A Golden Teacher Mushroom Trip?

A mushroom trip with Golden Teacher typically lasts 4 to 6 hours, and the effects kick within 40 to 45 minutes. It’s important to block out these periods when you consume Golden Teacher. 

Can I Find Golden Teacher Mushrooms In The Wild?

Yes, you can find them in the wild in Central and South America, Mexico. But they may be hard to find in the wild. Other growers around the world usually cultivate most Golden Teacher mushrooms due to their popularity, which is easier to find. 

Do Golden Teacher Mushrooms Have Medical Benefits?

Golden Teacher is the psilocybe cubensis species that can provide unique medical benefits by affecting serotonin levels to enhance moods and minimize anxiousness in individuals, according to Croat Med J, “A potential effect of psilocybin on anxiety in neurotic personality structures in adolescents.” 

Many users gravitate to mushrooms due to their mental issues and use them as a form of therapy to enhance their lives. 

Can I Microdose With Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Yes. You can microdose with Golden Teacher mushrooms, and it may be a good start for beginners. These are the perfect mushrooms for beginners since they have a moderate potency strength that won’t cause a bad trip. 

Can I Cultivate Golden Teacher Mushrooms For Personal Use?

Yes and no. Golden Teachers are easy to cultivate in their ideal temperature and humidity environment if you live in a place that legally allows for it. 

Do Golden Teacher Mushrooms Have A Distinctive Taste Or Odor?

Yes. They have an earthy and nutty flavour with an earthy aromatic profile. 

Many users enjoy their flavour and aromas since it’s less overpowering than other mushroom species. 

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