Learn about DMT: How to Properly Consume it

One of the most psychedelic substances on the planet is DMT. N,N,DMT, or its relative 5-MeO-DMT, have the ability to transport users to what may be considered another realm. DMT-based preparation that takes a long time to prepare for and can last up to 12 hours. For a potent but brief DMT trip, you can also vape or smoke the drug using a bong, dab rig, or traditional pipe.

Here is all the information you need to know about DMT use:

General Tips When Smoking DMT:

  1. Never smoke DMT alone; always have a trip sitter nearby.
  2. Observe the time-tested guidelines for set, setting, and substance.
  3. Before using your DMT, always check it with a drug testing reagent.
  4. Breathe deeply and slowly to lessen how intense the smoke is.
  5. Before exhaling, hold your breath at the top for 20 to 30 seconds.
  6. Prior to beginning, make an aim and give yourself time to develop a positive attitude.
  7. Hold the lighter away from the DMT to cause it to evaporate rather than burning it directly.
  8. Never eyeball your DMT dose; always measure it on a precision scale.
There are also a few different methods that users can employ to smoke DMT.Method #1: A Cold-Start RigThe ideal DMT rig is a Cold-Starter, according to experts. They have a similar layout to a dab-rig (hot-rig), but they permit the addition of DMT before heating.The DMT is then progressively heated until it begins to evaporate without overheating and burning. This gives a smoother, less cough-inducing impact and minimizes any needless loss brought on by excessive heat. An excellent example of a cold-start rig designed for DMT is the HAMMR Rig.Tips for Smoking DMT Using a Cold-Start Rig:

  1. Utilize a precise scale to determine your DMT dosage.
  2. Put the DMT inside the cold-start device’s chamber.
  3. Light a match or switch on the device to start heating the chamber’s base (electric cold-start devices)
  4. Remove the heat after the DMT crystals begin to evaporate and bubble.
  5. Start breathing through the mouthpiece; it works best to do so slowly and gradually.
  6. Hold your breath for as long as you can and then give your trip sitter the device so you may go somewhere safe.

Method #2: A Hot-Start Rig

Dab rigs are made for smoking cannabis concentrates, but they also work well with DMT. Essentially, a dab rig is basically a bong with a unique bowl called a “nail.” Users can immediately heat the nail with a torch lighter thanks to the design. The hot nail is then covered with the concentrates (or DMT), which causes it to evaporate. The nail is shaped like a cup to stop the contents from spilling out as they melt.

The biggest advantage of utilizing a dab rig to smoke DMT is that they are really simple to use and widely accessible at head stores. The drawback is that since you can’t precisely predict how much heat is required to evaporate the DMT, part of it will inevitably escape through excessive heat.

Tips for Smoking DMT Using a Hot-Start Rig:

  1. Use a precision scale to measure your dose in advance.
  2. To make it simpler to drop your DMT dose into the rig later, transfer it to a little spoon.
  3. Heat the nail with a torch lighter for 20 seconds to get your dab rig ready.
  4. Place your dose on the nail and begin pulling on the rig with the mouthpiece right away.
  5. Hold your breath while taking a slow, deep inhale.
  6. When you start to trip, get your equipment out of the way to prevent accidentally damaging it.


Method #3: Pipe

Although it’s inexpensive and handy, smoking DMT from a pipe won’t leave your throat and lungs feeling terrific. Any pipe will do; however, a glass freebase pipe is best for smoking-free base substances like DMT.

Freebase pipes are made of a glass bulb with an unattached mouthpiece. The glass bulb is filled with DMT crystals, and the outside is heated with a lighter. The crystals eventually evaporate as the glass warms, and they are then breathed. You may regulate the temperature with this technique to prevent over-burning the DMT.

Traditional tobacco or marijuana pipes also function, although they are far from ideal. The liquid formed when DMT crystals melt might leak through the pipe, wasting your DMT and making the pipe “dirty.” You could receive an unexpected dose of DMT if you ever use the pipe for something else in the future.

The Best Pipes for Smoking DMT:

?Glass Vapor Genie ? Using a convection heating bowl, this pipe functions as a vaporizer.

Genius Pipe – Before the smoke reaches your mouth, the novel design cools it by using a heat sink.

Freebase Pipes – Sometimes known as “crack pipes,” are made expressly for use with freebase substances.

?Tips for Smoking DMT Using a Pipe:

  1. Use a precise scale to calculate your dosage.
  2. Directly inject the DMT into the pipe.
  3. Get your trip companion to hold the lighter against the glass bulb’s exterior until you notice the DMT beginning to bubble.
  4. Inhale deeply and slowly through the mouthpiece.
  5. While you wait for the effects to manifest, try to hold your breath if you can, and put the pipe somewhere secure.
  6. Repeat as often as required.

Method #4: Sandwich Method

To use this technique, combine your DMT with some marijuana or another smokable drug. This technique has two benefits – ?it lessens the amount of DMT that is lost during melting and leakage, and it helps to smooth out the smoke so that it is less irritating to the throat.

To enhance the experience and lessen harshness, you can mix DMT and cannabis or replace the weed with another plant like mullein or raspberry leaf.

Tips for Smoking DMT Using the Sandwich Method:

  1. Utilize a precise scale to determine your DMT dosage.
  2. Leave plenty of space on top of your bowl as you add a small amount of herb to the bottom.
  3. Distribute your DMT dosage over the herb in a thin layer.
  4. To complete the sandwich, top the DMT with additional fresh herbs.
  5. Light the bowl with a match and inhale slowly and gradually, holding your breath when you reach the top.
  6. Give your trip sitter your pipe, bong, or whatever you’re using so they can take it to a secure area.

*For a similar effect, you can also combine DMT with a joint or cigarette.


Method #5: Changa

“Smokable ayahuasca” is a common term used to describe changa. It is created by combining freebase DMT and the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi). Natural MAO inhibitors (harmala alkaloids) found in the ayahuasca plant prevents DMT from being broken down. As a result, the sensation is more intense and lasts longer than it would otherwise.

?The following are some common herbs used to produce changa:

  • ? Ayahuasca vine ? The primary MAO inhibitor
  • ? Mullein ? Used to smooth out the harshness of the smoke
  • ? Passionflower ? Gives the blend a nice relaxing feel
  • ? Peppermint ? Adds flavor to the smoke


Tips for Smoking DMT Using a Pipe:

  1. To prepare your herbs, use a coffee grinder to finely grind them.
  2. Utilizing a scale, weigh the herbs.
  3. Prepare 25% of the botanicals’ overall weight in DMT (1 gram of herbs means you should use 250 mg of DMT)
  4. Combine some vodka with the DMT (or other high-proof liquor)
  5. The herbs should be covered in the DMT-infused vodka and allowed to air dry.
  6. Changa is best smoked in a bong or pipe once it has dried; start with 100 mg and add more gradually.


?Method #6: Vape Pen

The best alternative to smoking is a vape pen. Once the DMT starts to take effect, they become simpler to operate and more difficult to mistakenly break.

DMT vape pens can be purchased online as standalone disposable vapes or pre-filled cartridges. You can also use DMT freebase powder directly with a mesh pen or mod pen. Some users choose to prepare their own DMT-infused E-liquid and fill the vape pen’s tank with it.

Advantages of using a DMT Vape Pen relative to Other Methods:

  1. Vaping is less harmful than smoking.
  2. You have more control over your dosage.
  3. Overheating causes less DMT to be squandered.

?DMT Dosage Information:

?A small amount of DMT is all that is necessary to cause a potent psychedelic experience; just a few drags from a dab rig or puffs from a vape pen is sufficient to defy the rules of special relativity.

DMT dosage when smoking can be a little challenging. You might need to consume a little bit more DMT than you would with a vape pen or Cold-Start rig due to the potential for waste when using a dab rig, pipe, or joint.


  1. 12?18mg ? Light dose *best for novice users
  2. 24?30mg ? Moderate dose
  3. 36?60mg ? High dose
  4. >60mg ? Ultra-high dose *not recommended


Reaching the Breakthrough Point on DMT

Any DMT breakthrough experience is one that transports you outside of the physical world. Here, people frequently claim to meet other entities (also known as DMT machine elves) or to have experienced ego-death.

  • ? With DMT, getting here is quite simple. For the majority of people, smoking 20 or 30 mg of DMT is sufficient to have a transformative experience.

The smoke itself is the principal barrier that prevents passage. Smoking DMT is not a smooth experience. It will inevitably result in a sharp, heated sensation in the throat and lungs. This limits how much may be smoked at once and makes individuals cough in between puffs.

  • ? Coughing and roughness can be avoided in some situations. The key treatment is to inhale deeply and slowly. Be patient and take your time. You’re inhaling too quickly and too hotly if you’re exhaling enormous white plumes of smoke. It’s preferable to take multiple sips as opposed to finishing the bowl in a single hit.
  • ? Utilizing cutting-edge designs like the Genius Pipe, Vapor Genie, cold-start rigs, percolator bongs, or vape pens instead are some other ways to lessen the harshness.

Overall, the main factors that cause people to give up smoking DMT before reaching the breakthrough stage is the strength of the dose.


How to Use DMT Safely

The drug itself is very secure. A DMT overdose-related death has never been documented. The drug has very little bodily impact.

However, the user could momentarily lose control of their body during a profound DMT adventure. In this situation, there is a genuine risk of physical damage. Therefore, it’s so important to use this substance in a safe environment and with a dependable trip sitter. Furthermore, smoking DMT can have negative physical effects, especially on the lungs and the back of the throat.

Here are four step you can take to lessen the dangers associated with DMT use:

??????????? Step 1: Test your sample with a ?Reagent Test Kit?

White crystals or a fine white powder are the two common forms of DMT freebase. There are a thousand different compounds that resemble this one identically.

Even if you bought your DMT from a “trusted source,” it can still be tainted with other, riskier chemicals. Sometimes what you perceive to be DMT is something else. Prior to use, always test a sample of your DMT.

Using a drug testing reagent like the Ehrlich and Hofmann reagents is the most effective technique to test for DMT. These tools can assist you determine if the crystals are an indole alkaloid and not anything more harmful like NBOMe drugs, opiates, cathinones, PCP, or amphetamines even if they won’t tell you how potent your sample is.

How to Test Your DMT

  1. Place a little sample of your DMT on a ceramic plate to get things started. A sand grain-sized sample is all that is necessary.
  2. To reduce the likelihood of a mistake, you should always run at least two tests using different reagents.
  3. Each sample should be placed on a surface with plenty of room between them.
  4. Each reagent you want to test should be placed one drop at a time. Watch the color change. Allow each test to finish in about 3 minutes before examining the color.

Here?s what you should expect for some of the common reagents when testing DMT:

Ehrlich Reagent ??Should turn purple

Hofmann Reagent ??Should turn yellow

Mecke Reagent ??Should turn brown (green = bad)

Marquis Reagent ??Should turn orange

??????????? Step 2: Always Keep a Trip sitter Close By

DMT should never be used by one person. Frequently, the event results in total loss of body control for up to 20 minutes. People may flail about as a result, endangering themselves or causing damage to property.

To truly experience a DMT breakthrough, you’ll probably need to take two or three hits from a pipe or vaporizer. By the second and third hits, you will have little control over the situation, and it will be simple to burn your hands on the hot glass, break the pipe, or inadvertently burn yourself with the lighter.

  • The trip sitter’s responsibility is to keep an eye on the psychonaut during the event. They safeguard them and only act if something goes wrong.
  • The crucial task of holding the pipe or vape while the user is taking a hit falls to the trip sitter. The apparatus should always be held by the trip sitter while the psychonaut is consuming DMT.

Step 3: Avoid Mixing with Other Substances

DMT shouldn’t be combined with other substances or alcohol. It’s preferable to save DMT for another time if you’ve been drinking or doing other drugs.

When consuming DMT, it’s imperative that you’re in the appropriate frame of mind; otherwise, the experience is more likely to be harmful than not.

  • The sandwich method could be used with marijuana, but only a small amount. Users who are experienced with marijuana and know exactly how it will affect them may find that a modest bit of it helps them remain calm during the experience.
  • People who don’t frequently use marijuana may experience increased anxiety when doing so.

Step 4: Keeping an Open Mindset

The way you think matters when using DMT. Never utilize this chemical if you’re upset or not at your most open state for the experience. The DMT process will cause whatever you are feeling to expand. It can greatly worsen melancholy feelings while also enhancing positive ones.

  • DMT also has a propensity to lead you down certain paths you would not have chosen. It will only get worse if you resist it. You must submit to the DMT and let it lead you in the direction it intends.

To get in the appropriate frame of mind, begin by meditating, listening to soothing music, or performing some sort of ritual – Making yourself a soothing cup of tea, doing yoga, or doing anything else helps you relax and achieve a peaceful state of mind.

  • There is no right or wrong approach to this; simply use what suits you the most.
  • Setting an intention before you begin is also a good idea. What do you hope to achieve from the experience? Do you have a specific issue you want to investigate or address? Or are you merely present to take in everything the event has to offer?

Key Features

  1. There are various applications for DMT. The most typical way to consume it is to just smoke a pipe, but other options include vaping it or mixing it with an MAO inhibitor and drinking it (this is how ayahuasca works).
  2. The onset and duration of effects from smoking DMT are the quickest. Smoking N,N,DMT or 5-MeO-DMT both produce strong psychedelic effects.
  3. Although DMT can be smoked with almost any method, including pipes, bongs, and joints, there are some obvious winners.
  4. The severity of the effect and the loss of DMT owing to heat are the main drawbacks of DMT use. The best methods therefore restrict the DMT crystals’ ability to become too hot and soften the effect. Over-burning can be avoided using water filtration, integrated heat sinks, and indirect heating.
  5. The cheapest choice is freebase pipes, but the most effective and smoothest options are Cold-Start dab rigs and vapes.

Learn about Psilocybin: How to Properly Consume it

When used recreationally, psilocybin produces the same euphoric and sensory-distorting effects as hallucinogenic substances like LSD, MDMA, and PCP. A group of medications known as psychedelics causes dramatic and unusual shifts in consciousness that last for several hours.

Psilocybin is typically taken by humans as a brewed tea, prepared with food to cover up its bitter flavor, or simply eaten whole. Additionally, dried mushrooms are powdered by manufacturers and prepared in capsules, a process known as micro-dosing. Some individuals who eat them also drizzle chocolate on top of them.

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are often tiny and brown or tan in color. People sometimes confuse psilocybin-containing mushrooms in the wild with a variety of other dangerous fungi.?

How does Psilocybin Work?

The hallucinogen psilocybin acts by turning on serotonin receptors, most frequently in the prefrontal cortex. The effects of psilocybin on the brain alter perception, emotion, thought, and/or behavior. Other parts of the brain that control arousal and panic reactions are impacted by hallucinogens.

After consumption, the substance is first transformed by the body into psilocybin before being absorbed. Depending on the quantity and strength, the psychedelic effects of psilocybin typically start to take effect within 30 minutes of intake and last for 8+ hours.

It?s not a given that psilocybin usually results in vivid or audible hallucinations. Instead, it alters how certain drug users see the things and people already present in their environment.

What are the Effects of Psilocybin?

  • Euphoria
  • Peacefulness
  • spiritual enlightenment
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Drowsiness/sleepiness
  • Creativity
  • Humility
  • Creativity
  • Perpetual Love
  • Spiritual awakening and mysticism
  • Openness

Psilocybin Dosage Information:

  1. 5-1.0g ? Mild experience
  2. 0-2.5g ? Medium experience
  3. 0-4.0g ? High experience
  4. >4.0g ? Very intense experience


Psilocybin Standard-of-Care Protocol

For a manageable, pleasurable, and favorably impacted macro-dose experience, aka excellent trip, you should take numerous preliminary, cautionary and follow-up steps. The following are the top 5 requirements for planning a successful trip, are:

  1. Mindset & Intention
  2. Setting
  3. Dosage monitor (Shaman, Healer or a Therapist in Therapeutic Settings)
  4. Post-Medicine Integration and Reflection

For you to have a memorable, fruitful, and transforming encounter, all of these stages are essential. Dosing, on the other hand, is indisputable because it refers to what you consume and put into your body.

Key Features

Our goal at Shrooms Delivery is to help you heal, have a healthy mental state, and enjoy life, so we want you to be responsible and aware of taking the proper dose. In order to inform our customers about what to expect and make sure that no one accidentally takes the wrong dose of magic mushrooms, dosing has been so crucial that it has been imaginatively included into our brand identity and messaging. It is crucial to note that different persons can respond to the same dose with differing degrees of severity.

We advise against taking more than 5 grams of dry magic mushrooms (or an equivalent amount of other derivatives or forms) at a time. Psilocybin mushrooms are often taken in doses of 2.5 to 3.5 grams.

To achieve the desired health effects, a tiny, non-intoxicating amount is administered. It is the delivery of doses that are high enough to cause a cellular reaction and beneficial change but low enough to prevent a full-body effect. In each take, 75 to 125 mg of magic mushrooms constitute a legal microdosing dose.

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