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Magic mushroom trip

Steps To Take Before A Mushroom Trip: 2024 Guide

How To Prepare For A Mushroom Trip

A mushroom trip can provide numerous advantages that alter your mind and perceptions. Preparing for a magic mushroom trip is essential to minimizing negative or destructive trips. When you qualify, you need to schedule your day, set up your setting, have creative outlets in place, and have a trip sitter. 

There are other ways to prepare for your mushroom trip, but these are the basics of getting started. You need to consider several factors in preparing for your shroom trip that can enhance the entire process. Many users enjoy having different areas to conduct a mushroom trip, from camping to their home. You may prefer the place you want to begin your mushroom journey. This article explains further the critical steps to take before a mushroom trip to get you started in the right direction. 

Set And Setting

Getting a solid setting in place can make your mushroom trip enjoyable and won’t allow your mind to become distracted. It’s essential to have some creative outlets in a room you’re choosing to begin your mushroom journey. These creative outlets can be setting up art supplies, music, writing, and others. 

You can also avoid having anything creative to incorporate and have a peaceful, serene environment. The setting is crucial to plan ahead of time and can provide you with negative feedback if you’re not preparing it. 

Research Strains

When taking a mushroom trip, ensure the mushroom strains you ingest are high quality and are the right ones for your experience level. 

The type of shroom strain can either make you experience a bad trip or can allow you to have a pleasurable one. Strains like Penis Envy mushrooms are stronger than most strains and should be avoided if you’re a beginner. 

However, the mushrooms are ideal for advanced users looking to trip with them. Many users have their particular strain to use, whereas others research their specific strains. Also, knowing where you’re getting your mushroom is essential to avoid having contamination or other unknown ingredients mixed within it. 


Knowing the dosage is important since not everyone will have the same standard dosage. It’s best to do it according to your experience level. When using mushrooms for beginners, consider taking a small dose of less than or about 1 gram of dried mushrooms. 

Intermediate users can take 2 to 3 grams, and advanced users can take 4 to 5 grams or more. Take caution when taking more than 5+ grams of magic mushrooms. The results of the dosage are intense and can lead you to a loss of self. 

Food And Hydration

Make sure to consume light, nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains. Drinking water periodically is critical to hydrating properly before and during your shroom trip. Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol before the shroom trip to minimize issues within your internal body. 

You can also consider fasting before a mushroom, but ensure you receive plenty of water before the mushroom trip. Dehydration can lead to a more intense experience and can cause you to have a dry mouth that isn’t pleasant. 

Trip Sitter

You can have a trustworthy and responsible trip sitter to make the journey safer and easier for you coming out of the trip. 

They should know how to handle the magic mushroom trip and leave you alone when you’re experiencing it. The sitter shouldn’t worsen your environment but rather keep you tripping alone until the end. They can gradually offer you nutritious foods and other comfort items as you come out of the mushroom trip.  

Rip Supplies

Before you begin the magic shroom journey, having essential trip supplies can allow you to stay further prepared. You need a water bottle, music, artistic supplies, light nutrient snacks, and a comfortable outfit. These can allow you to begin tripping with effortless work and improve your shroom trip’s quality. 

Relaxation And Meditation

Relaxing before your trip can accurately set your internal mood, which can prepare you for a pleasant experience. You can conduct a meditative state before your body transitions into a psychedelic experience that can help with the oncoming effects. 

Safety Precautions

Ensure safety precautions are in place to allow for a smooth and minimal-risk mushroom trip. Follow safety precautions by using the accurate dosage, avoid taking drugs or other substances, and have a support group know you’re going to have a mushroom trip. The support group can check on you and see if you need assistance. 

In a survey, 2,000 users had a negative experience during their mushroom trip journey, and 10% reported it was the biggest challenge in their life, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “Researchers Urge Caution Around Psilocybin Use.”

This is why taking precautions and using accurate protocols for a magic shroom trip can avoid negative experiences. 

Post-Trip Integration

Integration is allowing yourself to understand the psychedelic experience you had and to reflect on it internally. 

You can fully comprehend the experience and what it reveals to you that can enhance your self-development. Asking questions about the experience and knowing what it means can give you insight into self-growth. 

How To Have A Good Shroom Trip

Before taking a trip, you should get ready by using post-trip protocols. Make sure to plan out your day ahead of time and set time apart. 

Don’t allow commitments or errands you need to interfere with your trip. It’s best to ensure errands are done beforehand and avoid having commitments when you begin mushroom tripping. Know the proper setting and environment for a smooth mushroom trip journey. 

The Bottom Line 

Getting a proper mushroom trip protocol ready to initiate is essential to having a good experience and minimizing any possible issues. Setting up the proper environment, researching your shroom strain, knowing your dosage, and getting enough water are critical to avoid having a bad experience. 

Many users enhance the quality of their journey by following a clear-cut protocol before and after. It’s best to understand the strongest magic mushrooms are ideal for advanced users, and beginners should avoid using them to minimize an intense or negative trip. 

What Precautions Should I Take Before Tripping?

You should take the proper dosage amounts for your experience level, use the accurate mushroom strain with a credible source, avoid mixing other drugs with shrooms, and plan out your trip. 

How Much Should I Consume For A Mushroom Trip?

You should consume about 1 gram or less for beginners, 2 to 3 grams for intermediate users, and 4 to 5 grams for advanced users. 

The general dosage for magic mushrooms guideline is to start with a small amount and then increase slowly over time until you reach your desired amount. 

Can I Trip Alone, Or Should I Have A Sitter?

Yes. You can trip alone if you prepare your trip properly and have safety precautions in place. You can also have a trip sitter to ensure you don’t encounter issues of harming yourself or other problems. 

What Are Some Common Effects Of A Mushroom Trip?

Some common side effects are altering the mental functions, perceptions, and enhanced senses of the body. You feel a sense of interconnectedness and desire for interpersonal development that changes your daily thought patterns.  

How Long Does A Mushroom Trip Typically Last?

mushroom trip typically lasts between 4 to 6 hours for all users, and strain type can vary. 

Can I Mix Mushrooms With Other Substances?

It’s not recommended to combine mushrooms with other substances since it can negatively interfere with your experience. 

How Can I Integrate My Mushroom Trip Experience Afterward?

You can integrate your mushroom trip experience by reflecting on your journey’s visual imagery, messaging, and overall theme. Asking yourself questions and being open to changing patterns in your current reality can allow you to integrate the experience you were given on the trip. 

Using integration forces you to put in an active effort to revisit the psychedelic experience, and without doing the work, you won’t learn valuable lessons as it goes away, according to Frontiers in Psychology, “Psychedelic Integration: An Analysis Of The Concept And Its Practice.” 

Are There Legal Implications To Using Psychedelic Mushrooms?

The mushroom’s legal status in Canada is completely illegal to possess, transport, or distribute the substance. 

Where Can I Learn More About Responsible Psychedelic Use?

You can learn more about responsible psychedelic use by researching the use and finding a supportive community on the responsible use of psychedelics. You can also identify harm reduction practices to properly use psychedelics without harming yourself. 

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