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How long magic mushrooms last

How Long Do Shrooms Stay In Your System? The Master Guide For 2024

How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Last? Overview 

Many users suggest it takes 3 to 8 hours for the experience to last after consuming shrooms. Research says the experience can start within 40 minutes and last between 3 to 6 hours, according to Mental Health Clinic, “Clinical Potential Of Psilocybin As A Treatment For Mental Health Conditions.” 

There are 200 magic mushroom species worldwide that can provide different experience durations. Different types of magic mushrooms have unique effects and potency strengths. It can be challenging to determine how long shrooms last. 

Identify the mushroom species, strain, and potency strength to discover the duration of time mushrooms last

Magic shrooms can stay in your system for a short or long duration and can vary from person to person. Understanding how long shrooms can stay in your system can help you determine the duration of detection from drug tests and the factors affecting it. 

Not everyone can experience the same effects and the same trip duration since everyone has a unique internal chemical structure. This article further explains how long magic mushrooms last, stay in your system, and the factors affecting detection.

How Long Is It Detectable By A Drug Test?

Drug tests can detect shroom’s active ingredient, psilocybin, within 24 hours but may not catch it after 24 hours. The tests should be done quickly since the magic mushroom compounds leave the body soon, depending on the individual’s chemical structure. 

Ideally, magic mushrooms can last in the body within 163 minutes and or 15 hours to one week, depending on how the body reacts and secretes the compounds into the urine, according to Recovered, “How Long do Shrooms Stay in Your System?”.

Other factors can affect the detection of blue magic mushrooms in your system. These factors must be considered for those wanting to ensure their safety and security. 

9 Factors That Affect The Detection 


The magic mushrooms dosage you’re consuming can affect detection since the higher dosage amount takes longer to leave your body. Your dosage for magic mushrooms should be light if you want to avoid detection. If you aren’t sure how much is too much, consider using a low dosage of less than 1 gram. It’s best to keep this in mind before preparing for a mushroom trip. You want to have a worry-free experience to make it more enjoyable. 

Also, the strongest magic mushrooms can influence dosage and detection since some shrooms can have a higher potency strength. The higher the strength and dosage, the more drug tests can detect the shrooms in the body.  

Sensitivity To Psilocybin

Another factor contributing to detection is how sensitive you are to psilocybin. Those with sensitivity functions can take psilocybin longer to evaporate from the body. 

It depends on the individual’s body chemistry and how much they can handle in consuming shrooms. 


If your metabolism is faster at digesting and eliminating waste from your system, shrooms can leave quicker, resulting in low detection. Those with a slow metabolism can take longer for shrooms to leave the system. It’s essential to keep this in mind before consuming shrooms. 

Body Weight

Body weight influences how quickly shrooms can leave your system to minimize detection. Individuals with more weight can store shrooms longer in their bodies than those with less weight. It’s best to prepare ahead of time and schedule a time for mushroom tripping for a week to avoid any mishaps. 


For those with high tolerance levels of shrooms, you may experience them leaving your system faster. Users with low tolerance levels may have shrooms stay in their system longer. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s internal chemical structure. 

Frequency Of Use

The more frequently you consume magic shrooms, the higher detection you may receive from drug tests. If you consistently ingest shrooms week after week or multiple times a week, then you are going to have lower tolerance levels. Essentially, the shrooms act as if they never left your body due to your consistent use of them. 

Drug Interactions

There aren’t known drug interactions with psilocybin interfering with drug test detection. Psilocybin has the potential to stay in the system longer with drug interactions, but there isn’t enough research to confirm this. There are known side effects of psilocybin and drug interactions that can negatively influence an individual’s mental and physical body. 

Individual Differences

Everyone is created with distinct body structures that interfere with how long shrooms stay in the system. Psilocybin shrooms in one person can leave the body faster than another person with a different body structure due to their distinct body composition. 


Another factor contributing to detection is age. Psilocybin shrooms take longer to leave the body in older users than it does in younger users. As people age, the body is slower to digest and secrete toxins, whereas younger individuals’ bodies digest faster. 

Are There Any Ways To Get It Out Of Your System Faster?

It’s impossible to get rid of the shroom properties within your body fast since it’s stored in the fat before excreted through urine. Increasing water intake may not provide a fast solution to flush shrooms out of the system since it’s stored in fat cells. 

How Long Do The Effects Last?

The effects can last between 3 to 4 hours after consuming magic mushrooms. Psilocin stays in the system within this time frame and leaves afterward. Psilocybin stays in the body longer and is most likely detectable by drug tests if taken immediately. 

Wrapping Up 

Magic shrooms are worldwide, with over 200 species to name. They have various potency strengths and strains that can affect the body differently. Knowing the species of mushrooms you’re taking, dosage amount, metabolism, and other factors can give you insight into how long they may last in your system to minimize detection. 

Drug tests detect a variety of substances and won’t immediately detect shrooms due to how quickly they leave the body. If you want to eat magic mushrooms, understand the detection factors and prepare for your journey. 

Is There A Difference In Duration Between Different Mushroom Species?

Yes. Dozens of mushroom species grow in various parts of the world and have different trip durations. The distinct species can have various levels of potency that influence how long it lasts within the body. 

Are There Any After-Effects Or Lingering Sensations Post-Trip?

Yes. You can experience slight sensations after 15 to 24 hours of a trip. During this time, you’re body still contains remnants of psilocybin that can influence your internal body. 

Are There Any Risks Associated With Prolonged Magic Mushroom Use?

Yes, there are risks associated with prolonged magic mushroom use that can interfere with your daily lifestyle. You can experience flashbacks or hallucinations after your mushroom trip has passed. It can occur randomly during the day when you’re not using shrooms. It’s best to be cautious and take safety protocols if this occurs.

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