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Magic mushroom tea

How To Make Magic Mushroom Tea: Steps To Follow In 2024 

Introduction To Magic Mushroom Tea

Making magic mushroom tea is the most gratifying way to enjoy the natural substance, all while receiving the positive properties. Psilocybin mushroom tea is more palatable and gives you a controlled experience when preparing for a mushroom trip. Shroom tea can be mixed with other or different flavours to provide a tasteful experience. 

Simply sipping the shroom tea casually can relax your physical body and put you in a calming state of mind. Ultimately, it delivers a gentle pull into your shroom journey that can set the mood. You’re more likely to experience this type of shroom consumption positively. 

Magic mushroom tea benefits your internal functions by energizing and soothing the body due to psilocybin. Psilocybin, the active ingredient within magic mushrooms, has the ability to minimize chaotic and disruptive emotional behaviour in individuals such as unipolar and bipolar depression, according to the International Journal of Bipolar Disorders, “Psychedelics In The Treatment Of Unipolar And Bipolar Depression.” 

Many users enjoy their shroom drinking consumption and make it a part of their monthly ritual to enhance mental functions. This article explains the magic mushroom preparation and step-by-step instructions for a pleasant mushroom journey. 

Ingredients And Equipment

You need ingredients and equipment before preparing to create your magic mushroom tea concoction. It’s best you buy magic mushrooms beforehand to measure the amount you need. 


  • 1 to 4 grams of dried mushrooms 
  • 1-4 cups water 
  • Natural flavour options: ginger, lemon, lime and or flavoured teas


  • Pot, kettle, or 2-inch deep pan
  • Gram scale
  • Filter or sieve

You need these ingredients and equipment to start preparing to make your magic mushroom tea. 

Dosage And Preparation

Make sure to identify the dosage amount of dried magic mushrooms you want to make your tea. The dosage for magic mushrooms can be 1 to 4 grams or more if you want a full-blown trip. It’s important to dose accurately and avoid putting too much if you don’t think you can handle the large dosages. 

If you want less potency for 1 to 4 grams of mushrooms, add more water to minimize the potency strength.Starting with a lower dosage is ideal if it’s your first time drinking psilocybin mushroom tea. You can gradually increase the dose over time until you get your desired amount. 

For those looking to consume magic mushrooms for beginners, a lower dosage of less than 1 gram should get you started in the right direction. Moderately experienced users can have a medium amount of 2 to 3 grams of dried mushrooms. Advanced users can use 4 grams or more if needed. 

Another factor to keep in mind is incorporating different types of magic mushrooms

There are different shrooms with distinct potency strengths with high and low potencies. The higher shrooms can give you more strength, and you may need a lower dosage. Use the right mushroom species for your experience level to minimize any issues. 

You will also need to prepare for a mushroom trip journey by setting a calm and inviting environment without any distractions. Playing music in the background, having arts and crafts, and other creative outlets in the room can bring you into a blissful frame of mind. Make sure to block out time to experience your mushroom trip and ensure no errands or responsibilities call to your attention. 

The Tea-Making Process: The Step-By-Step Process 

Gather Your Ingredients And Supplies

You should gather all your ingredients and supplies in the area where you will make your psilocybin mushroom tea. Ensure you have an adequate supply of mushrooms for the dosage amount you want to put in your drink. 

Clean And Chop The Magic Mushrooms

Clean all your dried mushrooms and ensure there’s no debris hanging around inside their crevices. Then, chop them all into little pieces to ensure the compounds break down before combining them into a tea. 

Boil Water

Next, boil water over a stovetop with either a kettle, pot, or 2-inch saucepan. It’s best to wait until the water begins boiling before adding anything. 

Add The Chopped Mushrooms To The Boiling Water

You will add the chopped mushrooms to the boiling water and ensure it’s well combined in the pot. 

Simmer The Mixture For A Specific Time

You can wait for the mushrooms to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. At this point, you want to keep an eye on the boiling water. 

Strain The Tea

Next, you can use a filter or sieve to strain the extra mushroom pieces and pour the tea into your favourite mug.  

Optional: Add Flavoring Or Tea Bags For Taste

You can add flavourings like ginger, lemon, lime, honey, or a flavoured tea bag of choice. You can also use a combination of flavours to enhance the aromatic profile of your tea fully. Make sure to wait for an additional 5 minutes if you’re putting a flavoured tea bag within your drink. 

Allow The Tea To Cool

Let the tea cool for 5 to 10 minutes before taking your first sip of magic mushroom tea. You want to wait to prevent burning your mouth from drinking the tea. 

Drink And Enjoy

Enjoy your tea with the right mood setting and ambiance. The mushroom trip should come on slowly and give you a joyful experience. Feel free to explore other shroom tea recipes to change up the ingredients. 


Making psilocybin mushroom tea can enhance your entire journey and change your mental and physical perceptions. It heightens your awareness of your surroundings and allows you to think creatively. 

It’s a gentler transition from reality into a different perception of reality that allows you to stay in tune with the environment. Dosing your ideal quantity of shrooms is necessary to have a smooth experience and avoid a bad trip. 

Many blue magic mushrooms can have stronger potencies than ones that don’t have blue pigmentations. The easier the shrooms bruise, the more potency power they contain. It’s best to start in low dosages with these mushroom types and increase slowly to your desired amount. Plenty of shroom tea recipes exist to explore and make your ideal drink. 

How Long To Steep Shroom Tea?

If desired, you should steep a tea bag into the mushroom mixture for 5 minutes or longer. The tea can be ready to drink after the duration. 

How Long Does Shroom Tea Last?

Your tea can last up to two weeks in a cool, dark place in a proper storage container that’s sealed tight with no oxygen. It’s possible to have your tea last up to two months with a sealed tight container in the refrigerator.

How Long Does It Take For Magic Mushroom Tea To Kick In?

If you’re wondering how long shrooms kick in, they can kick within 40 to 45 minutes after consuming your entire tea. 

Can I Enhance The Flavor Of Magic Mushroom Tea?

Yes. You can enhance the flavour by adding honey, lemon, lime, or ginger to the entire mixture and a flavorful tea bag. You alter the shroom tea recipes to add these flavours for the best experience. 

Should I Strain The Tea Before Consuming It?

It depends. If you want the full effects of the shroom, you can avoid straining it before consumption. Otherwise, you can use a strainer to filter large debris or chunks. 

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