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Magic mushroom dosage

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide for 2024

A Quick Look To Magic Mushroom Dosage

Magic mushrooms come in all potencies, shapes, sizes, and types. They don’t all provide the same experience since every mushroom has distinct dosages. 

Knowing the dosage is important when consuming magic mushrooms, especially if you’re new to the scene. Before you eat magic mushrooms, consider the potency and how it can affect your trip. 

When you know how potent the shrooms are, you can calibrate the dosage amount needed to have an enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that the dosage quantity can affect the duration, intensity, and experience of the trip. 

If you’re taking a high dosage, you can run the risk of having a bad trip and other unwanted side effects. A psilocybin dosage chart can provide insight into the recommended amount you need. Magic shrooms can provide you with a life-altering experience that can enhance your daily lifestyle if you take the proper dosage. 

You need to use the proper protocol before ingesting mushrooms and take precautions to prepare for a mushroom trip.  This article goes over the magic mushroom dosage and the factors influencing it. 

Shroom Dosage Guidelines

There are dosage guidelines you should consider before consuming mushrooms for personal use, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or experienced user. 

Those starting to use mushrooms for the first time should consider ingesting at a lower dose and then gradually increasing until they reach the desired amount. 

Individuals who are at the intermediate level should take between 2 to 3 grams of mushrooms to experience more powerful effects.

For more experienced users, consider taking 4 to 5+ grams, resulting in a more powerful experience, especially from the strongest magic mushrooms. 

There are some users who take more than 5 grams, which is known as the heroic dose coined by Terence Mckenna. It’s an extremely high amount, often providing an ego death. This is where you can experience loss of self with elevated sensations of euphoria, bliss, and peace. 

The heroic dose isn’t something to consider lightly and requires commitment from experienced users. To consider your ideal dosage, it’s best to look at a psilocybin dosage chart before ingesting shrooms. 

Shrooms Dosage Chart

9 Factors That Influence The Ideal Dosage

Species Of Magic Mushroom

Species of magic mushroom is a factor influencing the ideal dosage that can change the experience of a trip. Different types of magic mushrooms have divergent potency levels and provide unique experiences to individuals. Some shrooms provide an intense experience due to their strong psychedelic potencies, while other mushrooms have a less intense experience with low potencies. 

Golden Teacher has a low potency that’s ideal for beginners who can begin consuming at low dosage amounts. The strength influences the dosage, and it’s best to know the mushroom type you’re using.  

Drying Method

Dry mushrooms have different dosages than fresh mushrooms since dry shrooms only weigh a tenth as much as fresh. When mushrooms go through the drying method, there’s only a tenth within the shroom since it takes out all the water content. 

There are 1 to 2 grams of dosage in dried mushrooms, whereas there are 10 to 20 grams in fresh mushrooms. 

Keep this in mind when you’re finding the correct dosage amount for consuming magic mushrooms.

Individual Tolerance

Another factor contributing to the ideal dosage is individual tolerance. Everyone is formulated differently and can experience different reactions when consuming mushrooms. 

A high level of tolerance for one person can prove problematic for another person. Every user can work up their tolerance by slowly ingesting small amounts over time, but these are distinct in individuals. 

Body Weight

Body weight can also influence the dosage amount for mushroom consumers. 

A study on psilocybin dosage and weight reviewed participants ingesting the compound to identify if dosage influenced weight. 

The results led to psilocybin having no significant associations with body weight and sex, according to the Journal of Psychopharmacology, “Optimal Dosing For Psilocybin Pharmacotherapy: Considering Weight-Adjusted And Fixed Dosing Approaches.”

Body weight is not a strong indicator of how much a person can consume, but it is a good basis for identifying dosage. 


Age can also interfere with the ideal dosage of magic mushrooms since every person can tolerate different levels. However, there isn’t enough research on the subject to consider whether age is a factor in determining dosage. More research and studies are needed to determine the accurate dosage amount for individuals of all ages. 

Mental State

The mental state is another contributing factor that determines the dosage amount of the consumer. 

Those with a corrupted mental state may need lower dosages of shrooms, depending on the issue. Dosages for mental functions can differ from one condition to the next. Mushrooms for depression dosage is different and should be considered for users with this issue. 

Medications Or Substances Used

Medications and substances can interfere with the dosage of magic mushrooms

A study reported drug interactions with psilocybin on participants that led to an increase in dread of ego and altered consciousness, according to Psychopharmacology (Berl), “Drug-Drug Interactions Between Psychiatric Medications And Mdma Or Psilocybin: A Systematic Review.” This study reviews psychotic drugs and psilocybin closely to determine the effects of the interactions. 

Storage Conditions

Storage conditions can also influence the dosage of magic mushrooms. The longer mushrooms are stored in an airtight container, the less potent they can become. 

If they’re stored in a brown bag, the potency decreases over ten days until it’s no longer effective. 

Preparation Method

How you prepare shrooms contributes to the ideal dosage. When cooking or preparing mushrooms, they can lose potency over time if they are heated over temperatures of 167° (75°C). It’s best to understand how much heat shrooms can handle if you also want to prepare to microdose and dry them. External forces can interfere with the dosage and give you a lower potency product that results in a higher dosage for consumption. 

Recognizing Dosage Warning Signs

The typical warning signs of ingesting too much mushrooms include

  • Loss of control
  • Extreme paranoia
  • Chaotic mental state
  • Longer than intended trip 
  • Scary and mind-numbing experience

You should look out for these if taking too much blue magic mushrooms. Not everyone can experience these sensations, but they can have negative influences. 

To avoid these warning signs, you need to follow a strict protocol and plan to experience a mushroom trip by blocking out time. 

If you’re wondering how long magic mushrooms last, know they should take 3 to 8 hours, depending on the mushroom species and strain. Anything longer than 10 hours can be a cause for concern. 

Many users enjoy their experience due to the in-depth preparation they conduct. 

For users microdosing, there shouldn’t be too much cause for concern. Microdosing allows for small dosages of less than 1 gram. 

Safe Consumption Practices

It’s best to follow safe consumption practices for magic mushrooms by preparing to take a mushroom trip and taking the accurate dosage amount. Beginners must be mindful of ingesting small dosages from lower-potent mushroom species to avoid bad experiences. 

Microdosing can be a safe consumption method to practice since it requires ingesting lower quantity amounts. It can still influence your mental perspective and enhance your visuals. Mushrooms are powerful natural substances that can alter internal perceptions, and treating them as a powerful weapon is wise.

When taking mushrooms, you can have an enjoyable experience with safe consumption practices. 

Wrapping Up 

Finding the correct dosage for you is crucial to having a smooth trip or journey that can impact your entire life. 

Factors can influence dosage amounts from the mushroom species, individual tolerance to body weight, and storage conditions. These may interfere with how much mushrooms you take and need to be considered before consumption. 

A lower dosage of shrooms is the best way to consume them without having giant negative impacts. 

Is There A Recommended Waiting Period Between Doses?

Yes. Some suggest you take 7 to 14 days before consuming shrooms. At this point, your serotonin levels reset. When waiting, you can have new experiences whenever you have a mushroom trip

Individuals prefer to take shrooms frequently after they have their wait period.

There are others who ingest shrooms once or twice a year to have a better experience. It ultimately depends on your tolerance level since everyone has different durations. 

Can The Dosage Vary For Beginners And Experienced Users?

Yes. The psilocybin mushroom dosage for beginners is lower than for experienced users. One gram dosage or less is good for beginners to start with, whereas experienced users can take up to 5 grams depending on their level of tolerance. 

How Do I Determine The Right Dosage For My Experience?

A general way to determine the right dosage is to start with a lower dosage and then increase slowly until you meet your desired amount for the effect you want to experience. 

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