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Mushroom Microdosing

The All-In-One Guide To Mushroom Microdosing In 2024

Mushroom Microdosing: Overview 

Microdosing with mushrooms is becoming attractive to users with different backgrounds due to the potential benefits it offers. When microdosing with magic mushrooms, subtle changes occur within the body and aren’t as powerful as ingesting a moderate dose of shrooms. 

Magic mushrooms have been used to experience an intense journey that awakens the spirit and physical functions of the human body. However, these doses are much higher than microdoses and shouldn’t be ingested daily. With a moderate to high dosage, there is a higher expectation to prepare your day ahead of time and take necessary precautions before the shroom trip begins. 

Microdosing won’t affect the mind as intensely and may be incorporated anytime in the day or week. It’s possible you can microdose every other day to receive the advantages. 

This article explains the guide to magic mushroom microdosing for individuals looking to dip their toes into the mushroom world and those wanting to receive the potential benefits of mushrooms without the intense shroom trip. 

What Is Mushroom Microdosing?

Mushroom microdosing is ingesting between 0.1 to 0.5 grams depending on the user’s preference, age, and weight for the effects to take place. Many may start with 0.1 grams and then work their way up to 0.5 grams or until they reach their desired results, especially if microdosing mushrooms for beginners

Those who begin microdosing tend to have a schedule to ensure their microdosing is accurate and safe.

By microdosing every other day and skipping two or three days after microdosing, you can have a better experience. You want to avoid microdosing every day or too much since it can have negative outcomes. Microdosing can provide a unique and enjoyable experience for those following a proper protocol. 

It’s essential to follow a safe and strict protocol for microdosing to avoid any unwanted effects occurring in the body. Many different types of magic mushrooms can have high to low potencies. Know the mushroom type you may consume and understand its potency to identify the accurate microdose. 

Getting a safety procedure in place is the best way to begin microdosing with magic mushrooms that can improve your quality of life. Many have gained interest in the topic to change their lifestyle and enhance critical functions within their body. 

Potential Benefits Of Microdosing

There are some potential benefits of microdosing to consider before pursuing it.

benefits of microdosing

These are some of the benefits recorded by a study conducted on 525 participants microdosing with magic mushrooms, according to The International Journal On Drug Policy, “Microdosing Psychedelics: Motivations, Subjective Effects And Harm Reduction.” 

The study evaluated how individuals who microdose are doing so as therapy management for their internal being. There are many more studies needed to verify further the potential benefits microdosing mushrooms provides users. 

It’s best to follow a safety procedure before ingesting shrooms and find a credible place for sourcing mushrooms. 

Possible Side Effects And Risks

Along with the benefits, there are potential side effects and risks that magic mushrooms may deliver. 

The side effects of mushrooms influence individuals to have negative outcomes on their physiological and physical functions, according to The International Journal Of Neuropsychopharmacology, “Motives and Side-Effects of Microdosing With Psychedelics Among Users.”

The study was done on a group of users microdosing off and on throughout the week. How microdosing specifically affects physiological and physical functions isn’t exactly known. 

Another study reported that 18.0% and 6.7% out of 278 users of microdosing experienced an increase in anxiety and psychological discomfort, according to Harm Reduction Journal, “Psychedelic Microdosing Benefits And Challenges: An Empirical Codebook.”

These side effects may contribute to either short-term or long-term effects that should be considered. It’s essential to take safety precautions and follow a clear-cut protocol to avoid or minimize the side effects. 

How To Microdose Mushrooms: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learning to microdose can provide you with a way to minimize risk or unwanted problems. We offer some steps of microdosing with mushrooms to gain insight into your journey. 

Choose A Microdose Protocol

Fadiman Protocol: The protocol is the best for beginners who need to microdose at 5% to 10% of mushrooms. The amount is dependent on the individual’s tolerance and experience level. When microdosing, stick to a schedule at a 3-day cycle by microdosing for the first day, then waiting two days before you microdose again on the third day. Repeat steps within 4 to 6 weeks and reset within 2 to 4 weeks for resting. 

Microdose Pro Protocol: Microdose two days out of the week by choosing Monday and Thursday. Microdose for one day, then take a two-day break with the pro protocol. It’s not necessary to continue this pattern since you only take two days out of the week to microdose with a break in between. 

Stamets Protocol: The protocol is for medium to advanced mushroom users due to the intense microdose method the protocol enforces. It combines psilocybin mushroom truffles, a nootropic functional mushroom, and an essential B vitamin, namely niacin. The schedule is to microdose on days 1 through day four, then use Lions mane on days 5 through 7. Repeat within 4 to 6 weeks and reset for 2 to 6 weeks for resting. 

Nightcap Protocol: This protocol requires users to microdose before bed at night. Microdose an hour to a few hours before bedtime and do the method every other day for 1 to 2 months, then reset for 2 to 4 weeks for resting. 

Intuitive Protocol: The intuitive protocol is where individuals pick their microdosing intuitively, making it more relaxed. Those who’ve tried all the protocols can utilize the method since they understand how to microdose and are well-seasoned. It only requires users to skip a day or more in between microdosing. 

Asha Sultana Protocol: Microdosing with this protocol requires stacking saffron and mushrooms together on specific days of the week or every third day. When using these methods, know they are for users at different experience levels to incorporate them. 

Choosing the Right Strain

You also need to identify the right strain before you begin to microdose with magic mushrooms. There are various strains, from Golden Teacher to White Penis Envy, that can impact the experience. 

Golden Teacher mushrooms are ideal for beginners to consume, whereas White Penis Envy is best for advanced users. They both have different potency amounts, making dosing harder to identify. Many different types of magic mushrooms contain various potency amounts that aren’t the same. Some have higher potencies over others with lower ones. 

Preparing the Dose

There are several ways you can microdose, but a general rule is to microdose between 0.1 to 0.5 grams on one day and then wait one to 3 days before microdosing again. It’s best to keep a good schedule of microdosing that doesn’t overpower your mental capacity. It’s essential to identify the potency of magic mushrooms you’re microdosing by researching the species. 

Consumption Methods

There are various consumption methods to incorporate, from eating magic mushrooms in lemonade to consuming them in chocolate. 

Chocolate-covered mushrooms are great for those who want to learn how to make magic mushroom chocolate. Another consumption method is to grind up dried mushrooms and place them in a tea-flavoured beverage. 

Factors To Consider Before Microdosing

There are some factors to consider before microdosing to ensure your safety. 

  • Stick To A Protocol: Make sure to have a clear protocol to follow and stick to it for a certain duration. Normally, protocols require microdosing off and on for 1 to 2 months, then resetting for 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Dose Accurately: Make sure to have the right dosage amount for your experience level. Start small at 0.1 grams, then slowly increase over time. 
  • Avoid Mixing Other Substances: Avoid mixing alcohol, cannabis, or other substances during your microdosing day. 
  • Proper Environment: When microdosing, have a calming environment that won’t require you to work or conduct errands. 

Microdosing magic mushrooms is rewarding and can boost you in the right direction. It’s important to microdose safely and follow accurate protocols to avoid negative outcomes.

Personal Health And Mental State

It’s important to note that microdosing can impact personal health and mental state. Your health and mental state may become heightened, giving you new perceptions and sensations. These sensations can influence your habitual patterns in daily life. 

Medications Or Substances That Might Interact With Psilocybin

Medications and substances can interact with psilocybin, leading to unknown complications. The chemical compounds inside medications and substances may harm psilocybin, leaving you to experience negative side effects. It’s best to follow a clear protocol and be cautious before microdosing with mushrooms. If you need to take medication and want to microdose, speak with a professional to explore your options. 

Setting And Environment

When microdosing, the setting and environment may influence your experience. Following a preparation protocol with the proper setting is necessary to have a good microdosing journey. 

Keeping a quiet setting and soothing music can allow your mental and physical functions to experience bliss. Ensure no interruptions can disrupt your microdosing session, and avoid having company during it. 

How Long Should One Microdose Take?

You need to microdose between 0.1 to 0.5 grams in one day with a day or two in between of no microdosing. The amount can vary based on the individual’s tolerance, weight, and age. 

Can You Develop Tolerance?

No. When microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms, there isn’t a possibility of users developing tolerance, according to a report by The School Of Computer Science, “Evidence For Tolerance In Psychedelic Microdosing From 2 The Self-Blinding Microdose Trial”. 

As individuals experience microdosing mushrooms, they don’t become sensitive to the chemical compounds in shrooms due to the interaction with the 5-HT2A receptor. It’s not overriding the receptor, meaning tolerance doesn’t take place. 

What Happens If You Take Too Much?

If you take too much, you may venture into the heroic dose of mushrooms, giving you an intense experience that can have you sitting out for hours. You’re more likely to have a magic mushroom trip, increasing perceptual senses in the mind. 

Wrapping Up 

Magic mushroom microdosing in 2024 can improve an individual’s routines, enhancing their daily productivity. Microdosing in accurate quantity levels can provide a positive experience to users looking to alter their lifestyle with mushrooms. Many can influence their mental and physical functions with the correct protocol in the proper setting. 

It’s best to take precautions when consuming mushrooms and to avoid mixing with other substances. For those taking medications, speaking with a professional is necessary before microdosing. 

How To Microdose Mushrooms For Migraines?

To microdose mushrooms for migraines, following a protocol is needed to get started. Depending on the experience level, there’s a protocol best suited for beginners and advanced users. Taking small quantities of 0.1 grams on odd days of the week is ideal for those starting and increasing over time until migraines are alleviated. 

Is Mushroom Microdosing Legal?

The legal status of mushrooms is considered illegal to consume in any amount in Canada under the Controlled Substance Act. It’s a Schedule III drug that doesn’t completely eliminate the medical use of mushrooms. For those wanting to consume mushrooms, you need to consult with a professional from Health Canada to receive an exemption for using them. 

How Do I Determine The Right Dosage? 

It’s best to start slowly and increase the amount over time to determine the accurate dosage. When microdosing, consuming 0.1 grams can get you started. 

What Should I Do If I Experience Effects From Mushroom Microdosing?

If you’re experiencing the effects of mushroom microdosing, relax and have a calming environment to wait out the sensations or effects. Ensure to cancel any appointments or plans to feel the sensation of the mushrooms without disruption. 

This allows you to have a soothing and enjoyable experience without negative consequences. 

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Mushroom Microdosing?

Yes. Consumers over the age of 18 are allowed to apply for exemptions in using magic mushrooms for microdosing. No children are allowed to consume or get exemptions to purchase mushrooms.  

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