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How to smoke magic mushrooms

Can You Smoke Shrooms? The Master Guide For 2024

Smoking Magic Mushrooms: Myths Vs. Reality

There are many ways to consume magic mushrooms, whether in a drink, food item, or capsule. The shrooms still provide value to users, giving them a psychedelic experience after consumption. However, smoking shrooms is often a consideration for a few individuals who want to have a different experience. Ideally, smoking shrooms isn’t the best method since it can provide minimal effects. 

You would think smoking shrooms is a good method for an impactful experience, but the reality is that’s not how shrooms work in the body. For magic mushrooms to work and influence the mind and body, you need to consume them first before anything intense happens. 

When you eat magic mushrooms, they offer the body miraculous benefits and alter the state of mind. This enhances user’s perceptions, cognition, and awareness of their reality. Many who ingest shrooms can experience positive effects, especially when they follow a safe and clear protocol. This article explores whether you can smoke shrooms or not and explains the pros and cons of the method. 

The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Magic Mushrooms 

There are some pros and cons of smoking magic mushrooms you should know about before considering using the method. 


Altered Perception And Consciousness

When smoking shrooms, you may get some effect if it can travel to your digestive system and convert into psilocin, where you receive uplifting effects. You may get altered perception and enhance your consciousness. Ideally, smoking is not something to consider if you’re looking for a more intense and favourable experience. 

Potential For Introspection And Self-Discovery

For those managing to smoke mushrooms, you can have a slight experience in receiving introspection. This makes you want to develop yourself mentally and become a more wholesome individual. Consider consuming the mushrooms instead to better reflect your inner self. 

Reported Therapeutic Benefits

Magic mushrooms itself has reported therapeutic benefits for individuals with mental conditions and unstable emotions. Psilocybin in magic shrooms has been shown in studies to minimize symptoms of depression after ingesting one to two doses of the compound. This shows psilocybin in shrooms has the potential to give users relief from these conditions and enhance their quality of life. 

Mild Euphoria And Relaxation

Shrooms may provide mild euphoria and relaxation but are not likely to maintain stable effects or duration. Eating shrooms can provide better results for a heightened euphoria and deep relaxation experience. 

Limited Physical Harm Compared To Tobacco

There’s not a lot of research done about smoking shrooms and whether it’s better than tobacco. However, it may provide less physical harm than tobacco does within the body. Since magic mushrooms occur naturally in nature and aren’t processed further to give you the final product, you may have less harm from using them than tobacco. 


Illegal In Many Countries

Psilocybin magic mushrooms are considered 100% illegal in several countries, including Canada. Canada prohibits the use of shrooms in any form of consumption method under the Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). 

There aren’t many studies about magic mushrooms, and there’s much we don’t know about its chemical compounds. 

Risk Of A Bad Trip And Psychological Distress

There’s potential to receive a bad trip if you don’t properly consume magic mushrooms. Smoking isn’t ideal either since it can provide harmful effects on the mental and physical functions of the body. Even consuming it orally, you can still receive a bad trip by using an extremely high dose. 

If you take dosages of dried mushrooms over 5 grams, you’re venturing into the heroic dose of mushrooms. When taking too high a dosage, you may experience long-lasting effects after the mushroom trip. Hallucinations and flashbacks can occur randomly during the day or week and hinder your daily lifestyle. 

Can Exacerbate Mental Health Issues

Incorporating magic mushrooms inappropriately can interfere with your mental stability and cause instability. Psilocybin can influence individuals to have suicidal ideation and self-injurious behaviour affecting their lives, according to the American Society For Microbiology, “Psilocybin And Mental Health: The Magic In The Mushrooms.” 

Shrooms are meant to be used properly with the right protocols and the right dosages. Without these, you risk having mental issues that may be insufferable. 

Limited Research On Long-Term Effects

Magic mushrooms may have long-term effects on individuals using them over a long duration. 

There is little research on how magic shrooms can negatively influence the body long-term. Many studies are being conducted, but more is needed to provide a clear insight into the longevity of the mushroom effects. 

It’s suggested the effects can provide deep hallucinations and recurrent flashbacks throughout day-to-day life. This can hinder a user’s ability to conduct their daily activities. 

Difficulty In Controlling Dosage

Smoking shrooms, in general, isn’t ideal since there are little effects it produces in users, and you can’t exactly control the dosage. The dosage of magic mushrooms can prove hard to measure when you want to grind it and then smoke it in a joint form. You will need to get a specific dosage amount if you’re adamant about smoking it. 

Alternative Methods Of Consuming Magic Mushrooms

There are other alternative methods of consuming magic mushrooms that are better than smoking them directly.

These methods include the following: 

Make Magic Mushroom Tea: You can grind dried mushrooms into a powder and mix it into a tea with any flavour. 

Ingest Dried Shrooms: You can also eat dried mushrooms raw by chewing them thoroughly and consuming them. 

Drink Lemon Tek: Another method is to squeeze lemon juice with the ground dried mushroom powder and mix it to drink it thoroughly. 

Eat On Toast: You can chop the dried mushrooms into small pieces and place them on toast with peanut butter or butter. 

These are the preferred methods of ingesting magic shrooms since the psilocybin in magic mushrooms converts into psilocin, where you receive the psychedelic effects. 

Without stomach acid or other forms of acid, you won’t be able to receive the elevating sensations to alter your perception. 

The Bottom Line 

For those who want to smoke shrooms and dislike the shrooms taste, you may experience little effects that aren’t enough to feel the intense trip you want. 

Since mushrooms need an acid environment to activate their psychedelic properties, it can prove hard to smoke them if they never reach the digestive system. 

There are many ways you can consume magic mushrooms that don’t require you to light anything up. Though you can smoke magic mushrooms, it’s not a common way to receive the uplifting sensations of the natural substances. Individuals can use mushrooms in various ways that can influence their state of being. 

Smoking mushrooms for beginners may not be a good way to get started on using magic mushrooms. With various types of shrooms in nature, there’s a selection that doesn’t require inhaling them. 

What Happens If You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

You may experience little effects of euphoria and an altered state of mind and potentially experience negative reactions throughout your lungs. Many believe smoking fungi isn’t ideal for smoking and may do more harm than good, but there’s little research about the effects. 

How To Smoke Mushrooms? 

If you want to smoke mushrooms, you can grind the dried shrooms and convert them into a powder or little chunks, then put them in a pipe. You can also put them in a joint or blunt and inhale over a specific duration. This may give you the effects of changing awareness and cognition. 

This is a way you could smoke mushrooms that may influence your mental and physical functions. 

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