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Top strongest magic mushrooms

Top 7 Strongest Magic Mushrooms In 2024

What Makes A Magic Mushroom Strong: Overview 

Magic mushrooms with higher potency and dosage quantities are strong, providing a more intense mushroom experience. The more psilocybin in shrooms, the more you can have an uplifting sensation after consumption. Knowing the mushroom you’re ingesting and identifying its potency strength is necessary.¬†

Blue magic mushrooms are stronger, delivering an intense, elevating feeling throughout the mental and physical functions of the body. The blue stain on mushrooms is the compound psilocybin reacting to the environment. The easier it is to bruise the shrooms blue, the higher the psilocybin content you may receive. 

Taking caution with shrooms by following the right protocols with accurate dosage levels can provide a smooth, light-lifting journey. You don’t want to accidentally take too much of a very potent magic mushroom since you can have a negative¬†mushroom trip. It’s best to start dosing in small amounts and then increase slowly over time until you get the desired results.¬†

Keeping these in mind can allow you to have an enjoyable mushroom journey without negative consequences. This article further elaborates on the top strongest magic mushrooms in 2024 to utilize in your daily lifestyle. 

Top Strongest Magic Mushrooms for 2024

Enigma Mooncake

Enigma Mooncake is a cross between Tidal Wave and Penis envy belonging to the Psilocybe cubensis species. It’s a blob mutation, what many mycologists call it, that doesn’t produce spores. 

It appears exactly like a blob when grown with bluish tints and is densely large, resembling cauliflower. You need to propagate by cloning the mushroom since they can’t do it themselves due to the lack of spores. 

There isn’t information about the origins of how it was grown originally. The shroom needs a human to help it grow fully and can provide a strong potency level. It’s stronger than the potency of Penis Envy that provides an intense sensation.

Taking precautions to grow the shrooms is essential since you must take a different approach to growing them. Take safety precautions by dosing in small amounts to minimize the risk of a bad trip. 

Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy shrooms belong to the Psilocybe cubenesis species that are rare with distinct characteristics. It appears to have a bright white coloration that is shaped similarly to the Penis Envy with a phallic shape.  

Albino Penis Envy is a variant of the Penis Envy and was found as an albino mutation. 

There is little known about the mushroom besides it’s hard to find outdoors. 

The potency is stronger than most Psilocybe cubensis but not as potent as Penis Envy. It has a potency level of 2.34%, the highest recorded potency of the shroom. 

Taking safety precautions of sourcing and dosing the shrooms is needed to minimize any negative outcomes during consumption. 

Penis Envy

Penis Envy mushroom comes from the Psilocybe cubenesis species providing a unique appearance. It appears to have a phallic shape similar to the Albino Penis Envy mushroom but contains light brown to golden brown coloration throughout the cap of the shroom. 

The mushroom originated within the Amazonian rainforests by Terrence Mckenna, who brought the spores back for propagation. You can grow the shroom in natural substrates of vermiculite, rice, or sawdust material. Penis Envy has a strong potency level of 2.90% at its highest tryptamine content. 

It’s best to follow safety protocols by taking smaller amounts of shrooms to start.¬†Mushrooms for beginners¬†should follow this procedure to avoid any negative trips.¬†


The Melmac mushroom is another strong mushroom to partake in 2024 that belongs to the Psilocybe cubenesis family species. Melmac contains a golden cap with a wavy texture and a twisted stem. The shroom has distinct characteristics grown in unique substrates. 

The natural substrate to grow Melmac is rye grain, bird seed, vermiculite, and brown rice flower. You can find these mushrooms anywhere from a reliable source. 

It contains a strong potency level of 1.45% of total tryptamine, consisting of a blend of chemical compounds. 

To ingest the mushroom, follow careful protocols by sourcing the mushrooms from a credible brand. When you buy magic mushrooms, they should follow strict protocols and offer dosage recommendations. 

Blue meanies 

Blue meanies belong to the Panaeolus cyanescens species, consisting of blue pigments throughout the shroom from the stem to the caps. They are either light brown or light grey, depending on their age. 

It grows in tropical and subtropical regions in various countries. The mushrooms enjoy growing in wet and humid areas with specific temperate environments. 

The mushroom is suggested to have originated in Asia, where it was discovered. Over time, the mushroom had different classifications of species names until it concluded to Panaeolus cyanescens. 

Blue Meanies have a high potency strength, reaching a peak at 0.95% level. Many individuals must take care to dose accurately and follow a strict consumption protocol. 


Trinity mushrooms belong to the Psilocybin Cubensi species, containing golden, light brown to dark brown caps with a long white-blue bruise stem. It enjoys natural habitats of grains, dung, and enriched soils that particularly like to grow in subtropical areas. 

Trinity was created by a mycologist crossing Penis Envy, Aztec God, and Tidal Wave. 

The potency effects of Trinity mushrooms are very strong, providing intense sensational energies throughout the mind and body. There is little known about the specific potency level of the mushroom. 

It’s best to use accurate dosage by starting small and increasing over time, especially if the species is new to you. Always source the Trinity shrooms carefully and find a retail place that meets qualified testing standards. 


Thrasher mushrooms come from the Psilocybe cubenesis species with unique appearances. It contains light brown caps with a hint of bluish tints within the stem of the shroom. Their stem is thick to the touch with a strong cap, which almost looks similar to Penis Envy. 

The natural origin of the mushroom is an offshoot of Melmacs and Penis Envy that has both strain characteristics in Thrasher. Mycologist experimented with these two strains to deliver the Thrasher shroom. 

Thrasher grows in organic materials, brown rice flour, and vermiculite compounds. 

Thrasher contains a potency of 1.0%, which is stronger than most Psilocybe cubensis mushroom species. Take care to dose Thrasher carefully since it has a higher potency than most mushrooms. Be aware of how much you’re ingesting to avoid bad shroom trips. Prepare for a mushroom trip during the first session and dose in small amounts. 

How We’ve Compiled The List¬†

We compiled the list by identifying the potency levels, species, natural habitat, and the origin of the mushrooms. Out of the different types of magic mushrooms, these are the strongest shrooms to consume to experience an intense, uplifting sensation. 

Many users ingesting these should be wary of the consumption amounts and take precautions to prepare for a shroom journey. 

The Bottom Line 

These mushrooms are the most potent shrooms to use in 2024 that can allow the most experienced users to have an intense journey. Beginners should take a small amount of these shrooms to start and stick to it. You don’t want to enter in the heroic dose of mushrooms that can ruin the experience.¬†

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