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The A-Z Guide To Buy Magic Mushrooms In Canada (2024 Guide)

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms)? 

Buying magic mushrooms is simple to find whether you want to shop locally or online in Canada, but the best place is at Shroomsdeliverycanada. Several retail stores are going to have quality mushrooms for a good price point and are legally able to sell them through Health Canada exemption. 

Finding mushrooms isn’t challenging in Canada if you don’t want high-quality shrooms. In getting high-quality magic mushrooms, companies must follow criteria to provide users with safe and secure ones. The criteria can help you navigate what are good mushrooms to buy and what ones you should avoid. This article provides an in-depth guide for those wanting to buy magic mushrooms in Canada to give insight into your buying journey. 

Who Can Buy Psilocybin Mushrooms In Canada?

Many users with an exemption for medical purposes, scientific purposes, and or import can buy psilocybin in Canada. Those who don’t have exemptions aren’t legally allowed to purchase or have possession of psilocybin.

Health Canada sets forth these exemptions and must go through the health minister to be considered. The legal status of magic mushrooms in Canada strictly regulates mushrooms since the substance is 100% illegal. Some retail storefronts are allowed to sell mushrooms to users in various territories. Mushroom law in Canada is highly regulated and only offers the use of natural substances to those with medical authority and other exemptions. 

What To Consider When Buying Shrooms In Canada? 

When buying shrooms in Canada, you need to identify if they are secure, safe, high-quality, and where they come from. The mushrooms you get should have gone through legal resources via exemption for you to receive them. You’re secure if the shrooms are legally allowed to be sold in Canada. You won’t worry whether the shrooms are contaminated since legal retail stores go through regulatory processes to ensure the product’s safety. 

They should also be high quality, meaning they go through a clean and tested procedure to receive the final end product. When buying shrooms for the first time, get a magic mushroom for beginners. The mushroom type is critical since it can influence whether you have a bad trip or not. This is important to keep yourself safe and away from harm. 

Another factor is to ensure you know where the mushrooms come from. If you don’t know the source of where they’re grown and packaged, it can lead to a bad experience or trip during consumption. There are other factors to consider before buying mushrooms for personal consumption. 

Legal Regulations

The legal regulations in Canada don’t allow the use, possession, or distribution of mushrooms and psilocybin. It’s illegal to ingest mushrooms without authorization to do so. To consider receiving authorization, you must follow the exemption protocols and file for it as per the s-56 exemption under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Source And Reputation Of The Seller

As you search for mushrooms, considering the source and reputation of the seller is critical to receiving quality products. Where you purchase mushrooms can influence how you react to consuming them. It’s best to know the source of your mushrooms and the seller’s credibility. By checking the seller’s background, you have more control over whether you can trust them. 

Strain And Potency

The strain and potency of the mushroom should be considered before purchasing it. Knowing the strain can give you insight into how it can influence your experience since not all strains react the same. Potency can influence the intensity of your experience. Taking a high-potency shroom can provide a bad experience or trip if you’re unprepared. Understanding the potency is important for beginners since you don’t want to risk unwanted negative effects of a highly potent shroom. 

Safety And Testing Standards

You must also consider the safety and testing standards of the magic mushroom you get for personal or medical use. Not all shrooms are packed and put on the shelf the same way. Some retail storefronts are operating without the regulatory guidance of the Canadian government. It’s best to find magic mushrooms that have gone through clear safety and testing standards before purchasing. 

Dosage Recommendations

An important point in getting mushrooms is to understand the dosage recommendations. The dosage for magic mushrooms can vary from person to person and can react differently in each. Getting a high dose for a beginner isn’t suitable for them, but it’s ideal for experienced users. 

A dosage of 0.1 to 0.5 grams is considered a microdose of shrooms, and anything above this can increase the psychedelic experience. Microdosing provides acute effects, delivering a long-term positive experience. One gram of shrooms produces effects of euphoria and elevates all the senses of the body. It’s ideal to start with a lower amount and then increase it to receive the desired effects. 

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Another factor to consider is ensuring the mushrooms you get have quality reviews and testimonials. If these reviews are mostly positive, you can trust the mushrooms you purchase. It can dismantle the company’s credibility and the shroom being sold without any review or testimonials. 

Packaging And Discreet Shipping

Before getting shrooms, make sure where you’re getting them has simple packaging with no labels of mushroom contents and provides discreet shipping. This is important when purchasing mushrooms from an online seller, and it’s best to ensure your safety with discreet shipping. 

Payment Methods And Security

Make sure the products you buy have a secure payment processing, especially if purchasing online. Online shops should have a safe and secure way for you to get shrooms. You should be wary of them if they don’t have a secure payment method. 

Customer Support And Communication

Customer support and communication are key to getting quality mushrooms without worrying about whether you buy from a credible seller or not. 

When an online shop provides clear communication, you can feel assured you’re getting a credible and quality product. 

Price And Value For Money

Price and value for the money is another factor to consider in finding magic mushrooms. The price point has to make sense for your budget and needs to be the right value for the money. You can avoid the risks of overpaying by researching and comparing price points on several online stores. If you’re buying mushrooms locally, you can ask nearby natives if the pricing makes sense. 

Wrapping Up 

Understanding the criteria for buying mushrooms, whether online or locally, is essential. You don’t want to risk getting contaminated mushrooms or having a bad trip. Knowing where you get mushrooms and the dosage recommendations for them is crucial. Many retail shops sell secure and quality mushrooms but make sure to purchase them securely and safely. Getting mushrooms that are regulated and go through standard testing is necessary to have a good experience. 

How Should I Store Magic Mushrooms Once Purchased?

Once you receive magic mushrooms, dry them and store them in an airtight container if you want them to last longer than a year.For fresh mushrooms, store them in a brown paper bag in a cold, dark place. They can last up to 10 days. 

Can I Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits In Canada?

Yes, you can purchase magic mushroom grow kits in Canada. Several online stores offer kits for you to grow, but make sure they’re quality and the company goes through regulatory and standard testing. 

Are There Online Communities For Magic Mushroom Enthusiasts In Canada?

Yes. There are several communities for magic mushroom enthusiasts in Canada. They offer tips and information about magic mushrooms. Communities like shroomery and mycology subreddits can provide a place for you to share your magic mushroom experiences. 

What Precautions Should I Take When Using Magic Mushrooms?

You need to follow a safe protocol before using mushrooms, understand dosage recommendations, and know the source of them.If it’s your first time, start with beginner mushrooms that won’t provide a potent experience. The mushroom type you purchase is important, and must ensure you get the right one. 

Are There Restrictions On The Quantity I Can Purchase?

There are restrictions on possessing magic mushrooms since they’re 100% illegal in Canada.You may be able to possess up to 2.5 grams based on the exemption act for illegal drug substances, according to the Government of Canada, “Personal possession of small amounts of certain illegal drugs in British Columbia”. 

You can file exemptions that may require different quantities you can purchase. 

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