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Lemon tek shrooms

How To Lemon Tek Shrooms: Everything You Must Know‚ in 2024

What Is Lemon Tekking With Shrooms? Overview 

Lemon tekking is a method done to enhance and activate the psychedelic experience by soaking dried and grounded shrooms in lemon juice. The method allows the shrooms to work with acid by turning psilocybin into psilocin. Many mushroom enthusiasts gravitate to lemon tekking to give them amplified effects, resulting in a better trip. 

It’s a simple process requiring basic steps to get the uplifting experience after you eat magic mushrooms. You need to consider the effects lemon tekking produces in mushrooms to get a full understanding of how it works. The process is done by experienced users who want to quickly elevate their mental and physical functions. 

This article explains the process of how to lemon tek shrooms, the benefits, and the process of lemon tekking. 

The Benefits Of Lemon Tekking

Enhanced Psychedelic Experience

Lemon tekking is a procedure to get the most out of the magic mushroom journey that delivers an enhanced psychedelic experience.When you lemon tek magic mushrooms, the shrooms get activated with acid, similar to how they react in the stomach acid. These results produce an oncoming effect that hits higher than eating mushrooms alone. Shroom lovers carefully prepare lemon tekking to ensure a clean and long-lasting mushroom trip. 

Faster Onset Of Effects

Lemon tekking produces heavier, high-hitting effects, and the effects are quicker to deliver the psychedelic journey. Many desire to experience the trip faster, which is why they utilize the lemon tek method. 

Potentially Reduced Nausea

You may notice that partaking in shrooms after lemon tekking minimizes nausea. The experience may relate to easier digestion due to the interaction of the acid compounds in lemon juice. 

Since shrooms don’t need to be converted to psilocin within the stomach, it takes away the need to allow your stomach to work harder. There are no clear studies or research on how soaking shrooms in lemon can reduce nausea, but many have had their experiences of no nausea. 

Increased Availability Of Psilocybin

Lemon tekking magic mushrooms increase the availability of psilocybin due to the citrus compounds retaining the essential components. This can result in a more potent experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially for new users. Lemon tekking magic mushrooms for beginners isn’t ideal and must be avoided.

Potential For Shorter Trip Duration

Magic shrooms also have the potential to produce a shorter trip duration for users conducting the lemon tek process. The activation occurs faster with the interaction of the acids in lemon and can lead to a short experience upon ingestion. 

Greater Intensity Of Visuals And Introspection

Lemon tekking magic mushrooms can have a higher intensity of visuals and introspection since it has more potency power. The experience of shrooms is clearer since psilocybin converts into psilocin in lemon juice, making it more efficient. This results in intense visuals and awareness of self. 

Reduced Chance Of Digestive Discomfort

When lemon tekking shrooms, the pH level in acid resembles the acid level in the stomach, resulting in a reduced chance of digestive discomfort.The interaction allows the body to minimize the work it must do to convert psilocybin into psilocin. 

More Efficient Use Of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Since the interaction of compounds in the lemon juice acid mingles with the shroom properties to activate the experience faster, it results in a more efficient use of psychedelic mushrooms. Everything works less hard and produces efficient results during the consumption of magic mushrooms. 

Lemon Tek Instructions: Step-by-Step 

There are lemon tek instructions you can utilize to enjoy the benefits of the procedure and have a more potent high. 

Lemon Tek Ingredients

If you want lemon tek mushrooms, you need a few ingredients to have an enjoyable experience.


  • Dried mushrooms
  • Lemons or limes (Freshly squeezed)
  • Grinder
  • Cup or bowl
  • Spoon for mixing
  • Filter

Prepare The Lemon

Start preparing the lemon by freshly squeezing it into a bowl until you have enough to fill over the mushrooms. You can use one lemon per gram of mushroom you grind up. 

Grind Or Crush Mushrooms

You can grind with a coffee grinder or crush the mushrooms into a powdery mixture. If possible, you want to make sure it’s in a complete powder form. 

Combine Mushrooms And Lemon Juice

The next step is to combine the mushrooms and lemon juice by placing the powdery mixture into the bowl of lemon juice. Make sure to stir the entire mixture with a spoon and thoroughly combine it. 

Let The Mixture Sit

Let the mixture sit for up to 20 minutes and stir it occasionally to facilitate a complete compound combination. After the mixture is done sitting for the accurate duration, use a filter to strain out the extra particles of shroom, if any. If you enjoy the extra particles, you can keep them in for consumption. 

Consume The Lemon Tek Mixture

Now, the lemon tek mixture is ready for you to consume and enjoy a rapid elevated mushroom journey into bliss town. You can also make magic mushroom tea and mix the lemon tek in a regular tea to enhance the flavour. This is a nice way to ingest shrooms if you don’t want to experience the complete bitterness of shrooms. 

Wait For The Effects

How long does it take for shrooms to kick in? Depending on several factors, they can kick in about 15 to 30 minutes or longer. 

Enjoy Responsibly

You can enjoy the magic mushroom journey responsibly by being in a peaceful environment and ensuring you block out a time to experience your mushroom trip

You must prepare for a mushroom trip and utilize safe protocols before ingesting lemon tek. 

How Does Lemon Tek Work?

The lemon tek procedure combines mushrooms into citrus lemon juice, allowing it to digest the shrooms for a certain duration to activate the psilocybin conversion into psilocin. 

Lemons mimic the acid in human stomachs that are responsible for transforming psilocybin into a psychedelic experience after consumption. Chitin in magic shrooms breaks down when the lemon juice acid combines, which is ideal for our stomach to digest. It’s easier for humans to consume shrooms through the lemon tek process due to the breakdown of chitin. You can use any citrus to complete the actions, as it will work with any of them. 

Which Shrooms Are Best For Lemon Tekking?

The less powerful potent magic mushrooms are ideal for lemon tekking like Golden Teacher. Lemon tekking mushrooms are twice as potent or strong than those consumed regularly. The lower the potent shrooms are, the better to avoid too high of an experience. Blue magic mushrooms are typically potent, and the more easily a shroom is bruised, the more likely they’re powerful. 

What Dosage Levels Should I Consume?

If you’re a moderate to advanced user, you can consume varying dosage levels that align with your needs. 

Dosage ranges to keep in mind:

  • Microdose: The dosage is between 0.1 to 0.3 grams. This is where you experience relief from emotional instability, enhanced clarity, and focus. 
  • Minidose: This dosage is between 0.35 to 0.75 grams and offers a free-flow sensation that isn’t overpowering. 
  • Moderate dose: Dosage of 2.0 to 2.5 grams, providing hallucinations, patterns, and distortions. Complete healing occurs here, and transformation.  
  • Heroic dose: Dosage is 5+ grams, delivering a very intense journey with hallucination, altering your state of reality. 

The strain and potency of mushrooms can interfere with your dosing. 

You need to be careful with the lemon tek and ensure you’re not providing a high dosage since you can teeter into the heroic dose of mushrooms. Ideally, you can begin with a small dose and increase over time until you get the desired amount. 

However, microdosing lemon tek isn’t recommended since it can have the opposite effect. 

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects Of Lemon Tek?

There are side effects with lemon tek you need to know that can include the following:

  • Exteme intense sensations
  • Stomach discomfort due to lemon acidity
  • Elevate internal functions
  • Experience hallucinations in daily life after a mushroom trip 

These are some effects to consider before utilizing the lemon tek method. It can vary from one person to the next since everyone reacts differently. It’s best to be mindful in preparing your lemon tek and understand its associated risks. You can better prepare for the mushroom journey and implement safety protocols if anything goes bad. 

How Quickly Does Lemon Tek Kick In?

Lemon tek can kick in very quickly, within 15 to 30 minutes and may occur a little later depending on the individual’s internal chemistry. Some can experience the effects sooner, whereas others can experience it later. To avoid a bad trip with a rapid onset, you can take lower dosages of lemon tek that may interfere with duration. 

Can You Prepare Lemon Tek In Advance?

No. It’s not wise to prepare lemon tek in advance since the acidity in lemons tends to degrade psilocin after sitting longer than 20 minutes. You need to experience the high when lemon tek is at its peak. If you wait, you risk a lower-quality experience that may not work. 

Does Lemon Tek Alter The Taste Of Magic Mushrooms?

Lemon tek can alter the shroom’s taste since the lemon can make it more sour than bitter. The combination can make for an interesting flavour profile containing sour and bitter notes. Users who consume lemon tek enjoy the combination of flavours, but others dislike it. 

Can You Use Any Type Of Citrus Fruit For Lemon Tek?

Yes, you can use orange, pineapple, lemon, and lime when making lemon tek at home. The type of citrus fruit doesn’t matter since the shrooms need an acid base to convert psilocybin into psilocin. Individuals have the option to pick any fruit to conduct the lemon tek method, giving them more control over their concoction. 

Does Lemon Tek Enhance The Duration Of A Trip?

No. Individuals ingesting lemon tek experience a shorter trip duration with a more powerful sensation. When consuming lemon tek, you can have a 3 to 6-hour trip that’s shorter than a regular dry mushroom trip. The trip can come on fast and very intense. It’s best to set aside time for these durations to have an enjoyable experience. 

Can You Use Lemon Tek For Microdosing?

No. You may experience the opposite effects from microdosing lemon tek. Microdosing is meant only to consume a small amount of psilocybin, whereas lemon tek increases the strength of the amount. 

You need to avoid microdosing with lemon tek for this reason and should conduct other consumption methods. 

Is Lemon Tek Suitable For First-Time Psychedelic Users?

No. Lemon teks aren’t suitable for first-time psychedelic users. It’s twice as powerful as eating dried shrooms regularly. Beginners should avoid consuming lemon tek, especially if it’s their first time. You don’t want to have a bad experience the first time you’re consuming magic mushrooms. Lemon tek is best for intermediate and advanced shroom users since they understand the experience. 

Can You Mix Lemon Tek With Other Substances?

Yes, if you’re mixing lemon tek in teas and other liquids. You shouldn’t combine lemon tekking with other drugs as it can provide a bad trip. 

Are There Any Potential Dangers Of Lemon Tek?

Yes. Lemon tek can provide a bad trip if the experience is too intense or extreme. 

It can also interfere with other issues if you have physical ailments that dislike the chemical compounds of lemon tek. 

Does Lemon Tek Work With All Strains Of Magic Mushrooms?

Yes. It can work with all strains of magic mushrooms and can enhance the experience. 

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