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How To Eat Magic Mushrooms: The Master Guide For 2024

Can You Eat Shrooms? Overview 

Yes, you can eat shrooms if you want to enhance your mental and physical functions. Shrooms contain positive benefits for the body. There are clinical studies on the positive interaction between the properties of mushrooms and the brain’s neural pathways. 

These magic shrooms work within the body to enhance certain functions within the body after an individual consumes them. Psilocybin, an active ingredient in magic mushrooms, converts into psilocin after consumption and interacts with the serotonin functions that are responsible for making users happy and experiencing bliss, according to Science Direct, “Psilocin.” 

It explains further how individuals use mushrooms for depression to stabilize their mental functions. Many users enjoy magic mushrooms for these reasons and use them for their routines. This article identifies the intricacies of shrooms, from how to eat magic mushrooms to expectations you can experience. 

Tips For Ingesting Magic Mushrooms

There are many tips you need to know to ingest magic mushrooms within the comfort of your home. These tips include the following:

Pick The Right Mushroom Species: There are hundreds of species out there, and you need to find the best one for your experience level. Many shrooms are highly potent, whereas other shrooms have lower potencies. If you’re looking for mushrooms for beginners, starting with the one with the lowest to moderate potency levels is best.

Prepare Mushrooms Accurately: Know how to prepare your magic shrooms from drying to grinding them. You can dry shrooms in a dehydrator and eat them plain after they dried. Another way to prepare shrooms is to grind the dried shrooms and make magic mushroom tea. 

Avoid The Mushroom Bitter Taste: When consuming shrooms, you can mask the mushroom bitterness by adding lemon, ginger, lime, or honey to your mushroom tea

You can also spread the shroom powder on toast with peanut butter or other ingredient to mask the mushroom taste

Get From A Safe Source: Another tip is to avoid getting a shroom with an unknown source. It’s essential to know where your shrooms come from and how they’re grown to avoid contamination. 

Take On An Empty Stomach: For those wanting a fast reaction time after consumption, it’s best to take shrooms on an empty stomach. These tips can give you insight into safely consuming magic shrooms and minimize potential risks. Shrooms offer a unique way for individuals to change their perceptual worldview. 

Dosage And Consumption Methods

You need to understand the consumption methods and dosage for magic mushrooms, especially if you’re new. You must find the proper dosage for your skill or experience level when eating magic mushrooms. For beginners, you can take 1 gram or less to get you started. Intermediate enthusiasts can ingest 2 to 3 grams of magic shrooms. Advanced users can consume 3 to 5 grams to provide a stronger experience. 

Anything more than 5 grams is a very high dose of shrooms. At this point, you enter into the heroic dose of mushrooms, where you completely experience a loss of self and enter into a distinct perception of reality. It’s necessary to find the proper dosage for your experience level to have a positive journey. There are also some consumption methods for you to understand that can influence your mushroom experience.

These methods include: 

  • Lemon Tek: You can consume shrooms utilizing the Lemon Tek method. It requires you to squeeze lemon juice onto mushroom powder or small chunks and drink the mixture. 
  • Make magic mushroom tea: Another method is making mushroom tea. It’s best to grind dried mushrooms and put them in a tea beverage with other desired flavours. 
  • Consume in Capsules: The shrooms can be consumed through capsules that minimize the bitter taste and make for an easier ingestion experience. 

You can consider these before eating shrooms and experiencing an enlightened journey. 

Safety And Harm Reduction

Those who want to experience a mushroom trip must know the safety and harm reduction tips to avoid potential issues. 


Avoid Mixing Drugs During Mushroom Trip: When you prepare for a mushroom trip, you want to avoid taking drugs before and during your trip. This can provide safety to yourself and others since potential issues can occur. 

Don’t Take Too Much: If you consume too many mushrooms, it can cause you to experience a bad trip. Consuming 5+ grams of shrooms can lead you to a fearful state due to a feeling of self-loss if you’re not ready for it. 

Get Support: You need support on a magic shroom trip to minimize potential problems. Getting a trip sitter you trust and understanding the experience can provide safety. They can look after you during the shroom trip and offer help if something goes wrong. 

These are some safety and harm reduction tips to minimize any problems that can occur during your shroom journey. 

The Journey And What To Expect

When you journey into the magic shroom trip, there are certain experiences you can expect, especially the duration of the trip. How long do magic mushrooms last? Depending on several factors, you can expect it to last between 4 to 6 hours or longer. 

It’s important to know the duration of the trip for you to plan ahead and block out time for it. During the trip, you can expect to experience a change in emotions, perceptions, and state of consciousness, depending on the dosage. 

Your internal functions alert critical areas of the body to feel joy, bliss, and tranquillity. If you ingest a small amount, you can feel heightened awareness, making you focus more and explore creative outlets. 

For users ingesting a moderate amount, you can expect to see geometric patterns, changes in reality that influence vision, and an active consciousness. 

Advanced consumers may expect to experience a drastic change in reality that can bring hallucinations, an enlightening sense of inner peace, and interconnectedness with the world. 

It’s also critical to avoid fighting the experience as it comes to you. If you show tension or fear, you can have a negative experience, leading to a bad trip. You must maintain a positive intention toward journeying into a shroom trip to receive a pleasant experience. Regardless of the quantity taken, the benefits of magic mushrooms can attract users from all walks of life. 

The Bottom Line 

Knowing the consumption methods of magic mushrooms offers a positive experience with them. 

There are several ways to ingest shrooms, and offer distinct advantages for individuals with disruptive issues. 

If you take the correct dosages and precautions for your safety, you can have an enjoyable experience with your desired consumption method. After mushroom consumption, you can experience an uplifting sensation that alters your perception and enhances your senses. 

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