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magic mushrooms vs. truffles

Magic Truffles Vs. Magic Mushrooms: (2024 Comparison)

Definition And Origins

Magic truffles and magic mushrooms are two unique shroom species with similar traits. They also have dissimilar characteristics to them as well. Magic truffles became known by Steven Pollock, who cultivated Psilocybe tampanensis species of mushrooms and brought it back to his lab. 

After growing the species in a jar, he noticed some lumps growing underneath near the mycelium. These lumps became known as magic truffles or the philosopher’s stones. Magic mushrooms come in distinct species, discovered thousands of years ago. Many individuals know magic shrooms to be grown above ground with their mycelium grown underground. They are grown anywhere near their natural substrate. These substrates are moist forests or humid weather near pastures and other areas. 

Magic shrooms contain the species Psilocybe, including the¬†Golden Teacher¬†mushrooms. Similarly, magic truffles are from the genus Psilocybe but aren’t grown exactly like most mushrooms of that nature. There are many different factors of both mushrooms that give users positive benefits to their internal being. This article further explains the unique contrasts between magic truffles vs. magic mushrooms you should know about.¬†

Appearance And Growth

There are differences between magic mushrooms and truffles, but they come from the same organism.

Magic Truffles: When growing magic truffles, the shrooms appear to look like brown truffles that are dark with a hard texture. They look like brown rocks and are different than magic mushrooms. The truffles only grow underground due to the sclerotia, a fruiting body growing out of lack of oxygen and nutrients. 

Magic Mushrooms: Magic mushrooms appear lightly coloured with clear wide caps grown above ground. They are soft textured with a long stem connecting to the mycelium network underground. These shrooms release the spores and drop to the ground. 

The two don’t appear similar and are grown differently due to their distinct growing conditions or environment. They contain similar structures internally but have distinctly unique external structures.¬†

Several users enjoy magic shrooms due to the vast options they have to pick from. Others enjoy truffles for their uniqueness and low water content moisture. They both enhance users’ daily lifestyles and improve their perceptions. 

Chemical Composition

Shrooms are grown above ground, creating a mycelium network underneath the soil. Magic truffles are grown underground due to the fungal defence system reaction. The defence system allows for the growth of sclerotia, a fruiting body that grows into truffle mushrooms. 

The magic truffles contain less moisture content, making them easier to dry quickly. 

The two contain the psilocybe compound, the active ingredient known to produce the psychoactive high. However, magic truffles tend to have a consistent potency content since there’s only one variety with the same genus.¬†

Magic mushroom’s potency content varies from a range of genus species. They’re all distinct, with a diversity of potency levels that aren’t going to be consistent.¬†

Magic truffles and magic mushrooms can be consumed the same way since the compound psilocybe reacts through the body’s digestive system to convert into psilocin, according to Science Direct “Psilocybin.”

The stomach acid activates psilocybin conversion to psilocin, which produces psychoactive sensations through mental and physical functions. 

Effects On The Mind And Body

Magic truffle’s effects on the mind and body are the same as magic mushrooms, providing users with similar functions. They both produce similar uplifting and mind-altering effects throughout an individual’s physical functions. This alters mood, perceptions, and reality, which becomes heightened. Magic truffles don’t have a high potency content compared to magic mushrooms like Penis Envy mushrooms.¬†

Legality And Regulations

The Mushroom legal status of magic mushrooms and magic truffles are both illegal under Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). Canada prohibits the use, distribution, and possession of psilocybin. The component occurs in both magic shroom types. 

However, you can file for s. 56 exemption with Health Canada, according to the¬†Government of Canada, Exemptions From Provisions Of The Controlled Drugs And Substances Act”.For those living in Canadian territory, it’s best to follow the right regulatory procedures to consume magic mushrooms.¬†

Consumption Methods

There are several consumption methods you can utilize for both magic mushrooms and magic truffles. 

These include the following:

  • Make magic mushroom tea: You can make mushroom tea with either truffles or magic mushrooms. They both can be dried and ground into a tea beverage of any flavour. 
  • Eat With Toast: Another method is to grind shrooms and place them on toast with another flavorful ingredient. 
  • Eat in Capsule Form: You may eat your shrooms in capsule form since they can be dried and ground into a powder to place in a soft gel capsule. 
  • Drink In Lemon Tek: Drinking magic mushrooms in a lemon tek is another popular method of consumption. You squeeze lemon juice inside the shroom powder to make a drink. 

These are some of the methods you can utilize to consume magic mushrooms or truffles. It’s important to be wary of the¬†strongest magic mushrooms¬†since they can provide intense experiences throughout the mind and body.¬†

Therapeutic Potential

There are also therapeutical potentials of magic truffles and magic mushrooms that are gaining attention. Magic shrooms and truffles can enhance physiological functions since psilocybin interacts with the¬†brain’s serotonin receptors. The interaction enhances moods and perceptions for users to experience bliss and happiness, according to¬†Neuropsychopharmacology, “Psychedelic Effects Of Psilocybin Correlate With Serotonin 2a Receptor Occupancy And Plasma Psilocin Level”.

There are numerous studies to indicate the benefits of magic mushrooms due to the psilocybin compound. Magic truffles contain the same compound, which can provide users with similar results.

Dosage Between Magic Truffles & Shrooms

The dosage between magic truffles and shrooms is roughly the same amount, except that truffles have more water content. Truffles may have slightly more psilocybin since it has less water content, but ideally, it may translate to similar dosages. 

You should keep this in mind when you want to uncover the accurate dosage amount. For dosage, lean toward 1 gram for beginners, 2-3 grams for intermediate users, and 4-5 grams for advanced users. 

Generally, you can begin with a lower dosage for either truffles or shrooms, then increase gradually until you get your accurate amount. 

The Bottom Line 

They’re distinct from one another but ideally from the same organism. Magic shrooms grow above ground, and truffles grow below ground. These two have their place in the growth cycle of the ecosystem and utilize¬†different mechanisms to grow.

Magic mushrooms and magic truffles can alter the internal and physical areas of the body. Many individuals enjoy all different types of magic mushrooms, including truffles, due to the psilocybin compounds. 

Are Magic Truffles And Magic Mushrooms The Same Thing?

Yes and no. Magic truffles and mushrooms aren’t the same but come from the same organism. They both grow differently in distinct environments and conditions that make them unique.¬†

They come from the same genus, psilocybin, and have distinct appearances.

Users consuming magic mushrooms relish their unique characteristics that are different from species to species. 

Can You Grow Magic Truffles And Magic Mushrooms At Home?

Yes, you can grow shrooms and magic truffles at home. They don’t require much effort to grow since all you need is spores, mason jars, buckets, vermiculite, brown rice flour, and a place to put them. Magic truffles are grown differently than magic mushrooms. You need to understand their growing conditions before you grow shrooms.¬†

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