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What Do Shrooms Taste Like?

What Do Shrooms Taste Like? 2024 Guide

How To Make Magic Mushrooms Taste Better

There are ways to mitigate the mushroom bitterness that lingers throughout the mouth. When ingesting shrooms, you can prepare to grind them and place them on anything flavorful or sweet. 

Whether you mix them in a tea drink, smoothie drink, or place them on jelly toast, these preparation methods can minimize the dirt taste in mushrooms. 

Magic mushrooms taste unique with their distinctive flavours depending on the variety you consume. 

They taste bitter with earthy tones, giving individuals an unpleasant taste and a negative experience during consumption. Providing different ways to consume magic mushrooms allows for a better experience and enhances the spiritual trip. 

Learning how to prepare for a mushroom trip by combining ingredients to make a tasty mushroom delicacy can bring users an enjoyable ride into bliss town. 

This article focuses on the various consumption methods to make magic mushrooms taste better and provide a pleasant shroom journey. 

Lemon Tek Method

The lemon tek method combines lemon and mushrooms in a delectable drink that increases the intensity of the magic mushroom trip. When preparing the lemon tek beverage, you must squeeze out the juice and place it in a cup with ground-up mushrooms. Mixing the combination in a cup and allowing it to sit for 10 minutes can minimize the bitter-tasting flavours of the mushrooms. The flavour is more lemon than an earthy dirt taste, allowing you a pleasant journey.

Chocolate Covering

Learning how to make magic mushroom chocolate can take away the dirt-tasting flavour of mushrooms. You can combine chocolate with magic mushrooms by melting it down and mixing the ground mushrooms inside. Placing the mixture into a chocolate mould of your choice can allow for a tasty and pleasurable experience.

Make sure to measure the mushroom dosage accurately before mixing the chocolate with it. You don’t want to receive a heroic dose of mushrooms accidentally.

It’s essential to calculate a low dosage and increase it over time until you reach the desired result. 

Honey Infusion

Another way to consume magic mushrooms to mask the taste is to cover them with honey. Putting honey over the entire mushroom can minimize the bitter taste and make it taste sweet. The combination provides an earthy and sweet flavour profile. 

Storing shrooms with honey by covering them and putting them in a refrigerator can allow the honey to turn blue. The psychoactive compound is infused with the honey that can be used by itself. 

Tea Preparation

Making magic mushroom tea is a distinct way to enhance the shroom flavour. You can pick any tea flavour and combine ground mushrooms with the beverage for an enjoyable experience. Dried shrooms are best since you can grind them into a powder and place them inside a tea. 

Add other flavours, such as honey, stevia, monk fruit, and sugar if desired. Keep in mind that these ingredients can affect the mushroom trip. 

Smoothie Blending

Smoothie mushroom drinks are a delicious way to receive the psychedelic journey without shrooms’ harsh, bitter flavour. 

Mixing fruits like banana, raspberry, blueberry, and mangos with mushroom powder enhances the flavour. Chocolate can also be added inside the mushroom smoothie to mask the taste further. 

Capsule Encapsulation

Ingesting magic mushrooms through capsule encapsulation can bypass the flavour profile altogether. There isn’t a need to taste the mushrooms since they’re in powder form inside a capsule. It’s convenient to experience a mushroom trip without preparing mushrooms beforehand. 

Fresh Fruit Masking

Grinding magic mushrooms in a powder form and then sprinkling it over sweet fruit can mask the bitterness. The fruit is sweet enough to mitigate the earthy flavour and enhance the mushroom taste. Whether using bananas, plantains, strawberries, or a mixture of it all, mixing them in a smoothie can give you a tasteful experience. 

Spicy Seasoning

Spicy seasoning can diminish the robust flavour of magic mushrooms since you can sprinkle plenty over the dried mushrooms. You can also use dried mushroom powder, combine the seasoning, and place it over a flavorful dish.  

Nut Butter Coating

Another way to mask the mushroom flavour is to coat them in nut butter like peanut or almond butter. The tasty nut flavour takes away the bitterness of mushrooms and allows for a palatable taste. Mixing nut butter with shroom powder and placing them on toasted bread can further minimize the mushroom flavour. 

Mints Or Gum Afterward

Eating mints or gum of any sweet flavour after eating mushrooms can diminish the raw, earthy dirt flavour. Choosing a cinnamon, bubblegum, or cotton candy flavour gum that’s extra sweet can improve your palatable experience. Sweet-flavoured mints can also ensure you don’t have the strong bitter and dirt taste of mushrooms. 

The Bottom Line 

When eating magic mushrooms, you can combine flavorful foods that add to the experience and remove the shrooms’ raw bitterness. Many different types of magic mushrooms have various flavour profiles, but all have similar bitter tastes. 

The way you prepare shrooms can enhance your journey into the psychedelic trip. Whether you make tea, smoothies, chocolates, or coat mushrooms with honey, all are delicious to incorporate. 

Magic shrooms deliver enlightening sensations throughout the mental and physical functions of the body. Psilocybin from magic mushrooms provides a favourable safety profile with positive treatment in users consuming it with certain disorders, according to Molecules, “The Therapeutic Potential of Psilocybin.” 

Many ingesting shrooms eat the chemical compounds responsible for taking the mind into different perceptions. There may be some ingredients that can interfere with the shroom trip by increasing the intensity. Others may have negative effects on the mushroom journey after consumption. It’s important to research the ingredients you ingest with shrooms and see if any may have unwanted outcomes after consumption. 

Is The Taste Of Shrooms Unpleasant?

Yes. The taste of magic mushrooms is unpleasant and provides an unpleasurable experience during consumption. Shrooms are best combined with other flavorful ingredients that minimize the earthy dirt flavour.

Do All Mushroom Varieties Have The Same Taste?

Yes. All mushroom varieties have the same bitter taste with different flavour notes. 

Some individuals may taste different flavour profiles from mushrooms, and others may find them tasteless. 

Knowing the flavour profile of the shroom you’re consuming can provide you with insight into how it can taste. 

Are There Any Shrooms That Taste Good?

There are only shrooms that taste good if you buy magic mushrooms infused with sweet edibles. Some are infused with chocolates, gummies, capsules, and tea drinks that provide a tasteful experience. 

Can The Taste Of Shrooms Be Masked In Recipes?

Yes. Flavorful ingredients in recipes can mask the taste of shrooms to diminish the bitter and damp flavour of mushrooms. Different recipes with sweet and spicy flavorful ingredients can be an easy way to ingest mushrooms. 

Do Shrooms Taste Earthy Or Savory?

Shrooms taste earthy, similar to the dirt from the ground, and are bitter during ingestion. Mushrooms can taste savoury if combined with savoury and flavorful ingredients.

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