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True Albino Teacher Mushrooms (Live Psilocybin)

(7 customer reviews)


This product is available in four different sizes:3.5g, 7g, 14g and 28g.

Purchase this item and get 263-1575 Points - a worth of $0.26-$1.58
Purchase this item and get 263-1575 Points - a worth of $0.26-$1.58
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True Albino Teachers are a rare and distinctive type that have ghostly white stems and caps, giving them a very distinctive appearance. The 4-5 hour high from the Albino strain is recognised for being quicker and a touch more intense physically. Due to its rapid onset and potent effects, this strain is best suited for experienced users.

The myco-master “Jik” himself created the unusual and distinctive breed known as True Albino Teachers (TAT’s). TAT is a strikingly coloured mushroom strain with a lot of power. This magical mushroom strain is very distinctive and uplifting, and you may take it at any dosage, from micro to macro!


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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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7 reviews for True Albino Teacher Mushrooms (Live Psilocybin)

  1. James88


    These are so tough to find. So glad you guys keep them in stock!

  2. MainManMH


    These were actually really good, didnt know what to expect but the trip was very solid and I didnt even get as bad stomachaches as i usually do

  3. Faustina


    The body high off these was surprisingly intense, I will for sure be trying them again

  4. JohnDope



  5. Metz


    Super fun would recommend

  6. Jam Master J

    Jam Master J

    I take just a little bit (like 1 Gram) and it gives me a great mild stoned akin to weed or something.

  7. Derrick H

    Derrick H

    Oh man I am so glad you have these! Awesome

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