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LSD Tabs

(12 customer reviews)


1 Tab ($12.00) = 100ug

Additional Information: Please be aware that the ‘Bear images’ are only meant to serve as a guide to show how big a tab is and what dosage is suggested for beginners.

Warning: Please store this product in a dark and cold environment as soon as you receive it. The most optimal place to store this product is in a fridge drawer. Avoid exposing this product to prolonged light or heat! Additionally, do not handle this product with your bare hands.

Disclaimer: This is a very strong product. For those who are new to experimenting with LSD, it is advised that you take no more than one tab; always use caution.

Purchase this item and get 126-420 Points - a worth of $0.13-$0.42
Purchase this item and get 126-420 Points - a worth of $0.13-$0.42
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LSD, a star unto itself, is typically credited with ushering in the “psychedelic age.” LSD offers users a beautiful psychedelic experience that may result in feelings of joy, peace, and transcendence.

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1 Tab, 4 Tab

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4.83 Overall
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12 reviews for LSD Tabs

  1. Jaiden

    I got 4 tabs to test them out and let me tell you they were all great, will definitely buy more.

  2. Chris David

    Chris D. (verified owner)

    Hassle free and fast shipping! Could not be happier with my purchase!

    • Dr.Jake Dr.Donaldson

      Dr.Jake Donaldson

      Glad you enjoyed the purchasing experience!

  3. Stephane Lepage

    Stephane Lepage (verified owner)

    Ive been buying thes for a while now and love them every time, Beeing a heavy user i sometimes need 2 squares to hense the experience. Keep up the work guys A+

  4. Nikolaz Turmel

    PiHKAL (verified owner)

    Their lsd is always of excellent quality, I’ve tested several series. The product is spread evenly, perfectly suited to microdoses. They often seem to be slightly overdosed, which is great.

  5. Ashley Lightfoot


    I’ve gotten these alot never had a bad time. Always a good high!

  6. Toby St-Cyr

    TDaSk8r (verified owner)

    Very clean! just like it always is aha

  7. Tommy Beland

    Randy Marsh (verified owner)

    Always great quality from SD! Fast shipping, great customer service as well. Never disappoints.

  8. Lynn

    This is the cleanest best LSD I’ve ever had in my life. I take it every six months for my depression, and it just makes everything so much sparkly her and prettier. I always feel like I’m more fucked up than anybody else but I take any depressants and the visuals I see are in sane on one hit.

  9. Zak Tremblay

    Zak Tremblay


  10. S Thind

    Pillhead (verified owner)

    Really really good tabs, would recommend.

  11. Ada Doucet

    ada_naara (verified owner)

    First timer here, nice decent trip!

  12. Lucas Potosky-Switzer

    Lucas Potosky-Switzer (verified owner)

    I’ve been a regular for a little while now and am always satisfied. I appreciate your service and your products!

    To curious experimenters, I’d say 1 tab might not give you the fullest experience but will be safe fun for newcomers and 2 tabs can get… weird – Might try going further one of these days but, until then, have a safe trip.

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