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Liquid LSD (20 Hits)

(18 customer reviews)


This solution is LSD-25

There are 20 drops/vial, which equates to approximately 4,000ug total

Warning: Please store this product in a dark and cold environment as soon as you receive it. The most optimal place to store this product is in a fridge drawer. Avoid exposing this product to prolonged light or heat! Additionally, do not handle this product with bare hands.

Disclaimer: This is a very strong product. For those who are new to experimenting with LSD, it is advised that you take no more than one drop. Always use caution, as liquid LSD is much more potent than LSD tabs.

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Our LSD vials are guaranteed to elevate your psychedelic experience! Our vials contain 20 hits. You can take them by themselves or mix them into your favourite snacks; anything and everything is possible with this little weapon!


Reviews (18)

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18 reviews for Liquid LSD (20 Hits)

  1. Nathan

    The liquid comes in a different vial than in the photo, with no droppers, but has a stopper instead. at first I thought I was being scammed because the liquid seemed so little, but when I counted the drops, i had 23 drops. The liquid itself is very potent and strong. I was almost too high for my liking.

  2. Josh

    Product used to leak, but they recently got new vials that actually don’t leak anymore, it also felt like more than 20 drops.

  3. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell (verified owner)

    Mine came full n vacuum sealed was pretty full

  4. Spence

    It was ok.
    I counted more like 18 doses, but that could also just be error on my end. Over all the strength was ok, I’ve had the tab before and I feel like they were more potent

    • Dr.Jake Dr.Donaldson

      Dr.Jake Donaldson

      Thank you for your feedback, please email us when you place your next order and we will include free tabs with your order.

  5. Dr.Jake Dr.Donaldson

    Dr.Jake Donaldson

    Hello, Please send us a email to our costumer service, we will be glad to reship the product at no extra cost.

  6. Brandon Thompson

    Brandon Thompson

    This stuff is beautiful! As others have mentioned, the photo of a small blue vial with a dropper is not in fact what you will receive instead it is an amber 5ml vial. For those who do not know, one milliliter = 20drops so your vial should be at least only 1/5th full which for me seemed to be the case just fine. (price me out a full 5ml please ^_^ )
    There is a plastic stopper with a hole in the vial to let you dispense it like a hot sauce bottle but I decided to remove that and try shove a dropper in there. Not a great idea because the glass droppers were a very tight fit and of the 6 drops I’ve taken it certainly appears more than half gone but we will see. It’s possible they were bigger drops? Fuck I don’t know. The solution is alcohol and will evaporate fast so don’t just be leaving it open*
    Regardless of the packaging I found the potency to be splendid so far. The first session I did 3 drops and had a clean mild high, unfortunately I could not wait any longer so my second session was only three days later but I took 50mg of 2-cb two hours before another 3 drops and holy fuck. Like HOLY FUCK. I was absolutely buzzing with open eye visuals and unfathomable abstract closed eye visuals for a solid 4 hours and then enjoyed the alertness and awareness of the LSD on the comedown going to bed after 14 hours (consumed 11am). That is a combo worth exploring further.
    There is at least half a dozen sites selling LSD solution but none of them have 1 drop potency like Shrooms Delivery, I still have bottles of stuff that is literally 20x less potent but it feels more like 40x less potent because the water degrades it or some shit – I dunno I’ve done over 800ug of that (yes 133 drops) and felt just a minor buzz so to finally find some decent sauce is a game changer and I will certainly be back for more. Thank you!
    *Also don’t just dive three drops into this if you are not experienced or prepared!

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier! Will be ordering again!

  8. Chelsea Hodge

    Chelsea Hodge (verified owner)

    This was my reordered product they owed due to issues with the first one and was again disappointed the bottle was of eben half full(I know it’s not supposed to be full in the bottle they come in, and it was also cracked. I have faithful ordered from this website so have been very disheartened by this a second time 😭

  9. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell (verified owner)

    Yea I mine was vacuum sealed n got me blasted I didn’t count my hits but looked pretty full I’ve taken way more than 20 tabs b4 n this is definitely stronger I was blasted lol laughing crying full on trip love there Lucy

  10. Walter

    Got my second vile after a shipping issue and it was bang on. great product, ordering again right now. my girlfriend and I love it.

  11. Ada Doucet

    ada_naara (verified owner)

    Difficult to dosage, nonetheless potent stuff!

  12. Travis Sparks

    Travis Sparks (verified owner)

    I had a bad experience dispensing this. It wouldn’t make a drop at all. I ended up having make the hole bigger in which caused me to lose 5 or 6 drops. With what I managed to get out of it was very good quality, me and my girlfriend got 3 good trips out of the entire vial but the dispensing mechanism was a terrible experience.

  13. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith (verified owner)

    Nice to get high potency LSD.
    However like several people mentioned, dispensing and dosing are very difficult.
    A singular drop was impossible to form and drip onto my medium.
    Lose a star for difficulty in application.

  14. Cal Serson

    Cal Serson

    If you drop some on a coffee table while dosing this stuff just soak it up with a piece of paper or paper towel and chew on the paper towel or save it to dry

  15. The Claw

    The Claw

    Very strong product had a great trip

  16. MainManMH


    Excellent quality, defs worth the price

  17. BigBowl


    Impressed by the potency of these

  18. Derrick H

    Derrick H

    Dispensing was a bit of a pain but the product was good once I got it out

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