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Ketamine (Type S)

(27 customer reviews)


PLEASE NOTE: Please allow UP TO 4 Business Days for this product to ship due to HIGH DEMAND


  • To ensure precise dosing and safety use, be sure to finely grind the crystals.
  • Make certain that no children, pets, pregnant or nursing women eat or have access to this product. Do not take this product while on medications, and stop immediately if you experience adverse effects.
  • If you’re new to Ketamine, we recommend using no more and 30mg (Insufflation). Always use with caution.


  • 75mg to 125mg – Intramuscular Injection
  • 60mg to 250mg – Insufflation (intranasal)
  • 50mg to 100mg – Intravenously
  • 200mg to 300mg – Orally


Purchase this item and get 544-2835 Points - a worth of $0.54-$2.84
Purchase this item and get 544-2835 Points - a worth of $0.54-$2.84
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Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic with some psychedelic properties. Users often experience a sense of detachment, lucidity as well as distorted sensations of sound and sight. This is your ticket to the far-beyond if you desire to further explore the psychedelic universe!


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0.5g, 1g, 3g

Reviews (27)

Based on 27 reviews

4.85 Overall
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27 reviews for Ketamine (Type S)

  1. Marc Smith

    Marc Smith (verified owner)

    Order arrived in 4 business days. I’ve used these guys in the past and the product has always been stellar. Will report back after I enter Narnia.

  2. Oliver

    First time trying the S type, and it felt amazing. Now time to try the R type, hope it is as good.

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    Receieved my order in 3 businenss days. Was exactly what i ordered.

  4. Dalton Frandsen

    DaltonFrandsen (verified owner)

    Awesome strong

  5. Mathew Lotzien

    Mathew Lotzien (verified owner)

    This and my DMT came in 1.5 days!!
    Just before the weekend!

  6. Garble (verified owner)

    So happy that we finally have separate listings for S-isomer and racemic!

    In my experience, S-isomer is more psychedelic and euphoric while R is more dizzying, has more anaesthetic qualities and can even become nauseating. I’ve compared both many times and S-isomer is definitely my favourite.

    Small dosages are underrated, great for therapy against depression (0.5-2mg/kg), exploring your mind or even dancing!

  7. J (verified owner)


  8. Andrew Sweeting

    Andrew Sweeting (verified owner)

    This was ridiculously good. I have never seen crystals like that. Just hundreds of little glass rods. Stellar product.

  9. Marc Smith

    Marc Smith (verified owner)

    Package arrived in 1.5 days, gotta love it. Stellar quality as usual. Thanks SDC

  10. Mike Milton

    Mike Milton (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff love the little glass jars!

  11. Arie DeKraker

    KarmaPolice (verified owner)

    K was always something that I was skeptical about due to the rise of fent and other scary things cut with white powders. My last order looked amazing. A ton of tiny glass shards, and doing a few lines definitely gets me that “wonky” feel. Thanks for always providing a safe avenue on all your products.

  12. Ada (verified owner)

    Potent and amazing! Thank you SDC!

  13. EhCanadien

    Highly recommend this, great product. Definitely prefer the S ketamine over the R ketamine. Have bought this product quite a few times and loved it every time. Last time I got it, it was stronger then usual, was blown away by it.

  14. Kathryn Hunt

    Kathryn Hunt (verified owner)

    Tested then tried. Def prefer the “s” to the “r”. Delivered within 3-5 as promised

  15. Shulgin

    (Very late review) Nothing but K, clean and simple. Equal in every way to the best K I’ve come across. Shipped promptly by express post and arrived in excellent time as always.

  16. David Nicholson

    David Nicholson (verified owner)

    Arrived in 5 business days. This K is really good! Had low hopes as it’s hard to get good K nowadays but I give it a solid 9/10. Highly recommend!

  17. Ian (verified owner)

    Absolutely pure. Better than anything you’ll find on the street!

  18. James88


    Great product, had so much fun. Please don’t let it go out of stock

  19. Shifters95


    Very happy with this.

  20. Tizaiah Scero

    Tizaiah Scero (verified owner)

    This ketamine is always awesome, always pure, and arrives quickly. Can’t complain SDC always comes through

  21. BigBowl


    Extremely high quality, exactly what I was looking for

  22. Faustina


    Top notch ket

  23. JohnDope


    Amazing quality..

  24. Metz


    Super impressed by the quality of this stuff. SDC is the best!

  25. Jam Master J

    Jam Master J

    Delivery was fast and the product was quality. Definitely will buy these again.

  26. Tommy Beland

    Randy Marsh (verified owner)

    A+ stuff but be careful with dosage if you’re not used to it, this is strong!

  27. James

    This is the isomer of ketamine that is FDA-approved for treatment-resistant depression in adults. It’s sold under the brand name Spravato and comes as a nasal spray. S-ketamine is believed to be the component of ketamine responsible for most of its antidepressant effects. This is the “left-handed” version of ketamine. It’s believed to be responsible for most of the antidepressant effects of ketamine.

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