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Xanax (2mg)

(72 customer reviews)


Alprazolam, sold under the brand name Xanax, is a fast-acting, potent tranquilizer of moderate duration within the triazolobenzodiazepine group of chemicals called benzodiazepines. Alprazolam is most commonly used in management of anxiety disorders, specifically panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Other uses include the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea, together with other treatments. Alprazolam is generally taken orally.

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Alprazolam, sold under the brand name Xanax, is a fast-acting, potent tranquilizer of moderate duration within the triazolobenzodiazepine group of chemicals called benzodiazepines. Alprazolam is most commonly used in management of anxiety disorders, specifically panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Other uses include the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea, together with other treatments. Alprazolam is generally taken orally.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this product may not ship immediately away, as orders must first go through processing. Your processing time may increase by roughly 1-2 business days, though it could take longer.

Instructions: Store is a dry location.

Warning: Make certain that no children, pets, pregnant or nursing women eat or have access to this product. Do not take this product while on medications, and stop immediately if you experience adverse effects.

Reviews (72)

Based on 72 reviews

4.71 Overall
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72 reviews for Xanax (2mg)

  1. Jordynn D


    how do you have these? Are they from a script or repressed? Have they been tested to confirm safety/validity? Would love to know how these are sourced before I try

    • Dr.Jake Dr.Donaldson

      Dr.Jake Donaldson

      Yes, we have had them tested independently and the only ingredient found besides filler was benzodiazepine.

  2. Austin (verified owner)

    Been super hard to find these that arent terribly pressed chalky shits off the streets and who knows whats actually in them. These are nicely pressed, very good snap to them and they feel pretty potent. I took half of one and I am feeling super relaxed. Not sure if these actually contain alprazolam or some other similar benzo but these have me in a state of zen and nostalgia fromwhen these were in abundance and good quality many years ago. A lot pricier than what Im used to paying but the quality does seem much better. WIll definitely order again as these quickly help me calm down which helps my anxiety and possibly even help me sleep. I was just slightly concerned as some had some brown specs on them after inspection. They feel perfect to help relax after a long day of work and a lifesaver for my social anxiety as these are extremely hard to come across where Im from. Extremely happy these are now available

    • Dr.Jake Dr.Donaldson

      Dr.Jake Donaldson

      Thank you for your feedback. We had this product tested independently and they came back positive for only benzodiazepine.

  3. xXx (verified owner)

    tested: No F found, no reaction on reagant test either. Good snap to them, not chalky in the slightest, haven’t dosed yet although seems high quality. Seems to be just research Benz and some binder!

  4. Brandon Vissers

    DmtCanuk (verified owner)

    Solid pressed didnt fall apart like most shitty street bars. Definitely strong these are more like 3mg hulks i used to get back in the day. Judging by the high i think these are alprazolam but could be a rc but doubt it having experience with bromazolam etizolam and lorazolam

  5. Justin (verified owner)

    Good quality bars. They look and feel legit. Good to have on hand for a pleasant come down after a night of taking uppers.

  6. Bob (verified owner)

    Do you know what benzodiazpene is in it?

  7. Sauceyjoe (verified owner)

    Prlohably the most legit bars I’ve ever done and I was a bar head for a little bit there’s, yea they may be more pricey but it’s def worth it knowing you get the real deal

  8. Sauceyjoe

    Probably the best bars I’ve ever had and I’ve done a lot of bars, this site literally sells lsd and do not think it’s a stretch to think they can find unpressed bars

  9. Sauceyjoe (verified owner)

    Best bars I’ve ever had, the look the most professional made, don’t start to crumble in my pocket so I think it’s well worth the price

  10. J (verified owner)

    Please keep these in stock I have been waiting for them just didn’t know if you ever was going to find the medication. These are clean and proper all the stuff on the streets is all cut so I don’t buy anything anymore because have over dosed couple times me from taking a xan and you are really helping people from preventing from people doing that and overdosing because it was not a Xanax they had took

  11. Mark (verified owner)

    I had gotten some of these awhile back on the street and the difference I noticed right away is that these are rock hard, and bigger, as a pill should be, what is kind of spooky is that the ones i bought before were smaller, very soft, and probably repressed, you guys are saving lives with this site keep up the good work.

  12. S Thind

    Pillhead (verified owner)

    Amazing product, please don’t let it go out of stock.

  13. Michael Morgan

    Michael Morgan (verified owner)

    Would give 5 stars as they are a life saver for my anxiety but 8 BUCKS a pill is a bit steep. Hopefully in the future the price can do down to like 4-5$ a pill and i would make many more purchases:)

  14. Leah McBride

    Leah McBride

    To anyone experimenting with benzodiazepines please for the love of god be careful and don’t take too many when you’re drinking you’ll blackout fast that being said they work as great trip killers if you’re having a bad trip so do keep that in mind

  15. KS (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality and the delivery speed. Received it within 3 days of ordering.

  16. SpiritualRaven (verified owner)

    Honestly, this is my first time doing xanax. But i do ALOT of research before i do ANY drug. I got these, and they were thick like a true pharmacy pill, snapped with a satisfying CRACK, and I took half (1mg) last night and passed out right away. I took the other MG a half hour ago. Music sounds super good, euphoria is amazing, I feel like a dream. These White Xanax Bars look EXACTLY like the picture they advertise and imo, are 100% Pharmacy Grade. I love SDC, and these are my FAV product. Keep these in stock pls. ♡ I can’t wait to see what other pharma products maybe come! Or perhaps a price change in their stims, thanks for everything SDC!

  17. theevilepic (verified owner)

    Took one at 10:30PM and thought I slept for 14 hours. Apparently I was up and awake annoying my brother and his friends and recording them, along with lots of other things I have no memory of.

  18. Justin Pegram

    Justin Pegram (verified owner)

    If you can get any diazepam or Clonazepam in stock I will buy in bulk

  19. Joshua Dinwoodie

    Joshua Dinwoodie (verified owner)

    Good, clean snaps, gets right to the punch. Worth it and trust it a quarter of theses is like a full 10mg Valium. Clean come downs.

  20. Kevin Oliver



  21. Joshua (verified owner)

    These are absolutely amazing.

  22. Francois Domingue

    Francois Domingue (verified owner)

    Good dam these are strong. Definitely satisfied. Recommend to take it easy though. Start slow. Quarter tab goes a long way

  23. Chris

    Do you offer bulk discount pricing on these?

  24. Life Simulator

    Life Simulator (verified owner)

    Great as a trip killer if needed. If you’re pretty much benzo naive like I am, start with a fourth of a bar and wait at least 30 minutes if you think you need more. Really helps me to fall asleep after using stimulants.

  25. No name

    These work good but don’t exactly feel like pharmaceutical grade benzo’s, i think probably a much easier to obtain research benzo.

    It’s definitely benzodiazpene, I got a benzo headache and my whole body started aching after night 4. They put me to sleep within an hour, but take much longer than triazolam, attivan, or zopiclone. I am also taking pregaballin, duloxetine and zopiclone so the mix may not be right.

    I got these xanax for sleep when I run out of my zopiclone early. I can take abnormally high dosages of zopiclone for months with no issues, but benzo’s have always gave me a killer headache after so many nights. I was hooked on triazolam for a couple years, now I’ve been on zopiclone for 15 years.

    Rule of thumb with benzos as a sleeping aid is to take a 1-2 night break after so many nights because your brain needs a proper sleep. For me this was indictative of a massive headache or general feeling brain was mush

  26. Frank Cotei

    Frank Cotei (verified owner)

    amazing, strong, and clean. gave me a clean high, only stuck with 1.5mg (half of a bar). and honestly would be all you’d need for a night.

  27. Saucey Joe

    Kdawg (verified owner)

    absolutely fire ladders well worth the price

  28. Darius Tahamtan

    Darius Tahamtan (verified owner)

    The best of the best half really did it for me!

  29. Xantheman

    These Xans are the real deal they aren’t fucking real but they’re repressed but they’re definitely top-of-the-line of repressed Xans. I’ve had a lot of good times on these ones only the first time I bought them my blacked out but that’s just cause I was being stupid and took too many got to give these a five star and I’m definitely buying more, I’ve already purchased them three different times

  30. Tyler Lychak

    bayern (verified owner)

    Pressed very well. I have a script for alprazolam and these are damn near identical in looks and effects.

  31. Donny Scout (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Just gotta be careful not to get carried away. 5/5 for sure

  32. Darius Tahamtan

    Darius (verified owner)

    Again amazing stuff on point! Please update us on the status of when it’s back in stock?

  33. Darius Tahamtan

    Darius (verified owner)

    the best ladders on the market.

  34. Dan Barzee (verified owner)

    Great pills!
    Ordered and received the same week super happy with the quality and how quickly the order gets shipped! 1/2 a bar and I was drooling in euphoria lol! 1/4 of a bar is probably a good place to start if your new to benzos in general! My only question is what is the active ingredient? Is it an RC benzo and filler? Or Alprazolam? Only reason I’m asking is RC benzos linger in your urine for weeks and will test positive If you are on a maintenance program while alprazolam is out of your body in a few days
    Any info would be much appreciated

  35. Darius (verified owner)

    The best of the best keep on coming back and back. Please restock and reduce the price to 7 pleae.

  36. S Thind

    Pillhead (verified owner)

    When are you going to restock? 10/10 item.

  37. XilgeManOnThaBeat (verified owner)

    Amazing product very clean nice high. Very easy to get carried away with these and take too many so please discipline yourself. Been ordering from this company for years they are very trustworthy.

  38. Rylan Duncan

    Rylan Duncan (verified owner)

    Very good pills

  39. Fernando Sanchez

    konfucius (verified owner)

    These are powerful and excellent. I definitely recommend. I take a quarter and sleep like a baby!

  40. Mike (verified owner)

    Good snap. Rx forsure, you can’t press plls this hard. Even the quarters snap no chalk. Also tested and only found Bens. Good job guys

  41. J (verified owner)

    Good, my second time ordering them. The brown flecks preset in the previous batch seem to been gone in this new ones i received. The craftsmanship on these is unmatched, just wish they were a bit stronger (or cheaper). Hoping the sdc team can somehow acquire some T’3 or something similar. We need pain meds on here. No fent tho.

  42. Gliz

    Wondering how many come in a order

  43. Dangerlord

    Second batch of these received dont seem as potent as the first time I ordered. These also break easier with no crisp snap like the first batch had. Like the previous review says the brown specks are not present in these ones which is nice to see. These are easy to break into quarters being a softer press but I find myself having to take one full one opposed to just half of the previous batch. Still great product just a bit pricey

  44. Justin Blando

    J (verified owner)

    Agree with Danglerlord. The newest batch is noticeably softer than previous batches. That firm snap just isn’t there this time. The potency feels about the same to me.

  45. Andrew Peel

    Smert (verified owner)

    First batch I received were total duds. Took 4 over a few hours and felt nothing at all.
    Customer service was very polite and responsive and got me a new batch and god I guess they hit hard. I expected them to be weak again and took 2 within an hour and blacked out for 6-7 hours and woke up missing 1 LOL.

  46. R C (verified owner)

    These are awesome. 10/10 the best pressed bars I’ve ever bought. All we need on here now is some sort of opiate. No fent obviously but I can promise I’d buy some good opiate pills in bulk if you had them in stock. Please, and thank ya!

  47. Dawn

    I received tracking late but the pills where very good had snapped very easily I took a full after a long night on mushrooms and fell right to sleep

  48. Michael (verified owner)

    good but steep price

  49. Chloe Joseph


    I vowed to never take these again after blacking out on one and spending way too much money at convenience stores on junk. Worse than stoned munchies and I have absolutely no recollection of it.

    Taking half of one? My brain seemed to be able to handle that a lot better. I hear the blackout thing is a Xanax thing so these seem legit and they seem like great quality, good snap to them. Perfect for chilling with my bf and eating food lol.


  50. Chloe Joseph


    I vowed to never take these again after blacking out on one and spending way too much money at convenience stores on junk. Worse than stoned munchies and I have absolutely no recollection of it.

    Taking half of one? My brain seemed to be able to handle that a lot better. I hear the blackout thing is a Xanax thing so these seem legit and they seem like great quality, good snap to them. Perfect for chilling with my bf and eating food lol.

    Will say, a bit pricey. Snap may be a bit too easy, reflecting other reviews. Can’t speak on the potency between batches, I’m guessing that’s most likely tolerance. Have to watch that I don’t take these too much, Benzo dependence is a bitch. Overall been enjoying them despite the price.


  51. Surkhab Gill

    Skabbety (verified owner)

    I enjoyed these very much.

  52. Kdub

    What’s the difference between the 2mg xanax for $6.00 and the 2mg xanax Rx for $10.00

  53. David Nicholson

    David Nicholson (verified owner)

    These are solid. Low-key pissed that you guys dropped the price a day after I ordered some but now I’ll just start getting the 4mgs. Thnx

  54. Jacob Bensette

    EvilPanini (verified owner)

    These were okay, after reading the reviews the potency was a little disappointing with this batch, ended up taking about 4 to get where i wanted to be. Compared to 2mg of prescription alprazolam, which hits me like a train, these were relatively weak. Also, they are not bitter, so it is definitely an RC of some sort contained within the tablets. The Press is dang near perfect, look damn near RX, however, this batch was a bit soft when broken, a tiny bit chalky and uneven breaks. This batch was okay, very much reminiscent of the typical bars off the street to be completely honest. did the job albeit requiring a lot more tablets than it should have, Very much wish they were more potent, especially for the price.

  55. kristina boisvert

    Dannixx (verified owner)

    Kind of expensive, although the fact that that they are now 2$ less a pill is much better, they are definitely worth the price!
    Good xanz have been almost impossible to find in the last few years.

    Anywhere I go, everything else is available but not xanz, and when they are around they are chalky and weak. Also, when you DO get your hands on them, you have to get fent test kits… thank you so much for having clean xanz, I am so happy to finally find these!

  56. Shawn (verified owner)

    Very good. Don’t take too much. If you can keep it to 2mg/week. That’s best. Won’t get addicted or higher tolerance that way. I just use it for sleep once or twice a week. Is a lifesaver. 5/5. Ty sdc. Much appreciated!!

  57. Carl Chalifour

    Carl Chalifour (verified owner)

    good quality, dosen’t make you loose the map, you could take 2 and stay in control, love these bars. Will definitely reorder !

  58. James88


    Solid product

  59. James88


    10/10 would recommend. They tranq’d me good

  60. BigBowl


    Exactly as advertised

  61. Faustina


    Very solid

  62. JohnDope


    Holy these were good

  63. Austin Kloster


    So stoked to try these out! Will come back and post again when my pack lands 🙏

  64. Jam Master J

    Jam Master J

    Price is reasonable and they got delivered fast. Potency seemed good too, loved these

  65. Tyree Dyck

    Tyree Dyck (verified owner)

    Bought these, and was blown away by how, good these presses are, they’re super clean looking, and you don’t get that bitter taste though like I’m used to with alprazolam, so I’m assuming these presses have some type of other benzo. But it hits super hard, within 20 minutes it hit, and I know Xanax (Or whatever other Benzo these presses have) But bars last 4-6 hours usually, But even after that initial peak high went away, I still felt, very relaxed, and then eventually that feeling wore off, not in a bad way, still felt good for the rest of the day, I highly would recommend for anyone looking for immediate anxiety relief, also i normally pay 3-5$ for these, But for 6$ this is worth it, if it could drop to 5$ that would be great but otherwise 5 star from me. thank you SDC, for keeping people safe with your great products. will be buying again!

  66. Kdub

    Ok can someone give me a straight answer WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE $6.00 2mg compared to the $10.00 rx original? By the reviews they just seem the same… I’ve been sending ALOT on the $10 rx original, am I just wasting my money??

  67. Xilge (verified owner)

    Just responding to the review about mine, regarding the difference between the 2mg $6 and the 2mg RX original. I think it honest comes down to potency and the way I’ve concluded to this is that I buy the 4MG bars and I have been sines they posted them, the problem is that they just don’t do the trick for me. These 2Mg rx bars will knock me about after about a bar, sometimes a bar and a half. In my opinion they are the real deal in terms of Xanax. I haven’t tested them with kits so I don’t have any tangible proof but I’ve tried all these bars that they sell and I’d reccomend 2mg rx original for potency , and recommend the 4mg bars guantity. Overall I probably just see my self paying the $10/ 2mg RX original in my opinion as a bar head, it’s definitely work it and way easier to wein you’re self off the 2 mg ex original

  68. Kelly Whitney


    Thank you so much Xilge for the info.. it was very helpful it’s what I’ve been asking for… I myself bought the 4mg and I did as well thought the 2mg rx original is more potent.. and believe it is the real deal like straight from a pharmacy.. thanks again I guess I’ll keep buying the rx originals.. just hope they come down with the prices,

  69. Xilge (verified owner)

    Responding to the post above this one. I also hope that they could lower the price to atleast $8 a bar. It’s sad to pay $10 for a benzo. But for a 5/5 quality bar, I can’t complain too much. The company is very trust worthy and they are the cleanest bars I have ever had so with that being said, rightfully they deserve to make some money. Hope they can find a way to lower the cost. 4/5 for the 2mg rx original bars but I could never give SDC lower than a 5

  70. Kelly Whitney


    Responding to the post below mine. Do you think it’s saving more money buying the 4mg? Instead of the 2mg rx original.. I’ve tried both couldn’t really tell. But I’m pretty sure the rx originals are stronger. I just ordered 30 of them.. and what do you think about electropam 6mg ?

  71. Tyree Dyck

    Mr. Doubt (verified owner)

    Great as usual, Another 5 stars from me, press looks flawless, batch was what i was expecting. Firm snap, clean high, not sure what is in these but it’s a safe RC, not sure if it’s flu-alp (Flualprazolam) or etizolam, Lectopam. Glad it’s not those bromazolam presses going around. Those aren’t really safe to take in high doses. these personally feel like bromazepam to me. Which is great
    I also made a review on the 2mg rx original’s. Mentioning bringing back some other benzodiazepines you guys had listed, i forgot to mention ativan.0.5mg/1mg/2mg that would be nice to see again, also some valium 2mg/5mg/10mg would be nice. I am also gonna grab some Oxazepam, i didn’t get to grab them when they were on sale, but i will be buying some 10mg, and maybe 1-2, 15mg. Please keep those around i haven’t seen those in ages.
    and definitely we need pain killers i agree with a lot of other reviewers i would definitely buy some.
    But thanks again SDC for the great products.

  72. Tyree Dyck

    Mr. Doubt (verified owner)

    Updated review from me.
    These are great bars potency has been lacking on all the bars besides the 4mg ones recently. I also think if anyone is low on cash to spend, the 4mg bars would be the best bang for your buck at the moment. only 2$ more for 2, 2mg bars in 1, But otherwise these are still great if you prefer something not as strong as the 4mg bars, still a great product 5 stars from me.
    Thank you SDC again, but please don’t delete reviews & listen your customers who post fair reviews.

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