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Blue Dolphin (Ecstasy) MDMA Mix

(16 customer reviews)


The world famous Blue Dolphins are here!

This classics contains a mix of MDMA, MDA and Vitamin D

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The world famous Blue Dolphins are here!

This classics contains a mix of MDMA, MDA and Vitamin D

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this product may not ship immediately away, as orders must first go through processing. Your processing time may increase by roughly 1-2 business days, though it could take longer.

Instructions: Store is a dry location.

Warning: Make certain that no children, pets, pregnant or nursing women eat or have access to this product. Do not take this product while on medications, and stop immediately if you experience adverse effects.

Reviews (16)

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4.56 Overall
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16 reviews for Blue Dolphin (Ecstasy) MDMA Mix

  1. Bat Allaire


    do we know the exact content proportions of these?

  2. TJ Lee (verified owner)

    Pills look great, just bought 8. Can we get a contents breakdown (mg) for these please?

    Thanks SD!


  3. Dangerlord

    Will update rating if dosage of each ingredient is updated in listing as its a guessing game how much of each mda and mdma these contain.
    Ordered 2, they look nice and arrived earlier than I was expecting. Waiting to hopefully find out how much of a dose each ingredient in this product has before I consume them. Was planning on taking both but not taking any risks until exact amount of contents are clarified just to be safe. Beautiful looking product I am excited to try

  4. Devin Lawrence

    Devin Lawrence (verified owner)

    Please answer the previous question.

  5. Kevin Oliver

    Kezz (verified owner)

    These are grrrreat. Top shelf thank you SD!!!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tell you what don’t take two at once wow or maybe if you want to be like insanity high I did

  7. Leah (verified owner)

    What is the mg breakdown in these please ?

    • Dr.Jake Dr.Donaldson

      Dr.Jake Donaldson

      110mg mix of mdma and mda

  8. Mitchell Thompson

    Mitchell Thompson (verified owner)

    Good product just found abit weak for what was advertised , Alot lighter in colour than the pictures. I received them this morning tried one after 2 hours wasn’t feeling much so I redosed with a half and still a lot weaker than the homers or the Pink Versace.

  9. S Thind

    Pillhead (verified owner)


  10. John Doe

    Smoother than the Pink Versace, but still very good! SD is the place !

  11. Smoke Dogg

    Smoke Dogg (verified owner)

    really good. who cares about the breakdown of ingredients (Squares)
    just eat it and shut up. LOL

  12. James88


    So glad you have this product. This brings me back to my high school days. 10/10 will definitely order again!

  13. The Claw

    The Claw

    LOVED IT! Haha super fun time

  14. Shifters95


    I very much enjoyed these, would recommend.

  15. xXx (verified owner)

    these were fire. 1 and done was perfect, no come up – heavy come down.

  16. BigBowl


    good quality compared to some stuff I’ve bought out there

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