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The effects of each drug do vary from another one. However, when we talk about psychedelic mushrooms, the effects vary tremendously. These effects are even hard to categorize and are different on different people, living in different environments or places, using at different times with many variations.

Psilocybin and many other psychedelics are generally considered to induce severe changes in people’s consciousness and perceptions.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

The duration of its effect may vary on each person but is typically between four to six hours. However, the peak hours of the effects are the next two to three hours of consumption and start lessening gradually.

Effects of Psilocybin Mushrooms:

There is a long list of the effects of psilocybin mushroom as it affects consciousness; many changes are found, which are as follows:

  • Personal insight and reflection

  • Mood swings (excited, cheerful, anxiety, stress)

  • Unusual observations

  • Difference between reality and fantasy

  • Thought and speech are uncommon

  • Impaired judgments

  • High hallucinations

  • Objects appear in moving state (either real or fantasized with open or close eyes)

  • Sensory enhancement

All these effects influence two major things �set� and �setting�. An Individual�s reaction may adjust to these perceptual changes with the change of the two terms mentioned.

SET: can be referred to as mindset. It is the psychological state of the person taking the drug and may also include his beliefs.

SETTING: these are the external factors and circumstances in which the person is. It includes the people and the environment in the surroundings.

These two factors, set and setting, can widely vary for each person and differently affect them while providing a different experience. Hence, the outcomes are expectedly different. They can range from the happiest level to excitement and deep frightening feelings. Some appear to have extremely positive feelings of joy and live life, whereas others may carry life-changing moments and stress around them if the environment is not suitable. Conclusively we can say that some parts can make you feel overwhelmed or may become psychologically jarring.

The Short-term Effects Of Psilocybin Mushrooms On The Body:

The brain is the organ to be mainly affected; the functionality of the whole body changes and molds itself accordingly. The consumers willingly want these impacts on their minds, but this condition of the body becomes a curb to efficiency.

Generally, people consume mushrooms raw or in their teas. The effect can be felt as soon as 20 minutes later to the ingestion. However, the minimum time to enjoy the peak effect can start from 30 to 45 minutes of intake with the short-term effect of max six hours.

The short-term changes in the body after ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms are:

  1. Nausea

  2. Cramping

  3. Vomiting

  4. Fear

  5. Diarrhea

  6. Stomachaches

  7. Restlessness

  8. Tiredness

  9. Dry mouth

  10. Increase in heart rate

  11. Raised blood pressure and body temperature

These feelings are not constant, and the same for each person. It depends on the experience you may face as your �good� or �bad� trip. An excellent trip can be a beautiful dream; however, a bad trip is defined as the worst nightmare. People may act weird or odd according to the situations and environments. It is highly essential to choose the right amount of the mushroom at the right time in the right place.

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