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Magic mushrooms, also known as psychedelics or Psilocybin mushrooms. You may call any of these. To know more about magic mushrooms, let’s begin.

Psilocybin mushrooms are very frequently known as �shrooms� too. In Canada, these are incredibly famous hallucinogenic recreational drugs. Commonly people get their hands on weed quickly, including university students – often shift to shrooms for experiencing spirituality. People started using mushrooms as early as 9000 BC. Many of the cultures allow the ingestion of experiencing trance while hoping to produce visions or communication with gods.

Typically there are 200 and types of trippy shrooms. Half of the friendly kind contains a chemical, which is �psilocybin�. However, the genus of mushrooms Amanita consists of �Amanitin�.

Amanitin is not psychedelic and may cause death. The most beautiful looking mushrooms are the red and white spotted ones. These mushrooms are powerful and may begin euphoria, along with dizziness and nausea. The standard form of mushroom is psilocybin and is considered the most preferred mushroom by the people who have not tried tripping before.

How Do Shrooms Induce Euphoria And Hallucinations?

As soon as you ingest psilocybin, it is initially converted into active element psilocin, and it becomes a part of your bloodstream while reaching the brain as the final destination. This chemical is more like serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, and a chemical messenger is considered to produce the string feelings of delight. Its level increases by psilocin because the same receptor is bound by it in the brain. This process further leads to something known as �hallucinations�.

Studies have revealed many details. Amid your trip, the brain gets involved in forming various connections, which may be referred to as the immediate creation of new, stable, and biological connections. This is how the thoughts are intensified. Therefore, it gets harder to differentiate fantasy and reality – in other words, the reality from fantasy. Some people can link two contrasting things like color green with number 2. The parts of the brain associated with dreaming become stimulating and make visions and hallucinations extremely frequent. However, some particular emotional regions of the brain get activated, which further enhances consciousness. As a result, illusions and creative thinking have a bigger space to appear rapidly.

A person (maybe you) may start noticing and seeing the minor details, including the ones not even there, in reality, things around you occur as if they are more powerful and simply awesome. Other short-term but very common effects of mushrooms are the misshaped pictures of reality, altered sense of time, and blended senses.


When some students were asked about their trips, they informed us that the world is far more beautiful than we can even see. There is much more to do and enjoy in life. But it is very important to be comfortable, stay in a safe environment, and then enjoy the trip to its fullest.

Otherwise, the effects may be opposite to your expectations. You may get negative impacts from the shrooms. The list includes:

  • Nausea

  • Mood swings

  • Paranoia

  • Confusion

  • Anxiety

  • Dizziness

The Bottom Line

The trip may last short or long as per the dose you have consumed. Therefore, it is highly essential to choose the most suitable ambiance, which leads to happiness rather than anxiety or stress.

Dr.Jake Donaldson

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