Shroom & Magic MushroomReducing the Harms Related to Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are known as schedule I drugs, which imply that they are harmful in many ways with little to none proved benefits. Consumption of such drugs can initiate short-term health problems, which would become long-lasting if consumption continues. But with sufficient information about Psilocybin mushrooms, including the right amount of dose, its effects, and various resources for hard times, we can learn to control and manage difficult circumstances while continuing the studies for its benefits.

Dosing and Effects of Psilocybin mushrooms

There are numerous non-medical ways that mushrooms can be consumed, such as eating its stems and caps in a dry form, making mushroom tea having a dose of nearly 1-2.5 gm. The potency of dried mushrooms is higher than that of fresh ones. Even though there is no risk of fatal overdose for the consumers of Psilocybin mushrooms, but the risk of mental illness and disorders is quite high.

While searching in the wild to have some Psilocybin mushrooms, one may confuse it with poisonous mushrooms. Likewise, poisonous mushrooms are even available in the market as Psilocybin mushrooms. Mistaking the poisonous ones to have worse effects than Psilocybin mushrooms can also cause death.

Dealing with difficult Situations

Consumption of Psilocybin mushrooms can trigger the subconscious feelings and thoughts of a consumer. For instance, it might evoke thoughts regarding life, memories that were repressed, the deepest fears, and fantasies. Therefore, before ingestion of Psilocybin mushrooms, a person must prepare himself to face difficult and challenging situations and thoughts, feelings, and visuals. That is why the consumer of Psilocybin mushrooms should never be alone while ingesting them. Consumption under the influence of someone (who should not be a consumer) is highly recommended to prevent oneself from doing anything harmful.

Effects of Psilocybin mushrooms are often unpredictable since they vary with different consumers. Regardless, someone who has already gone through any mental condition or has a family history should avoid it at all costs. Such people are vulnerable who might suffer and get triggered more than the rest.

A support project, namely, Zend, has been sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), which aims to support the attendees of numerous festivals and live music events that suffer from mental health conditions potentially due to drugs usage. Zendo also engages in promotion and awareness training regarding harm reduction for psychedelic consumers.

Undoubtedly, drugs can be fatal and might become the reason for many, but the death rate can be reduced. Some key approaches to reducing deaths include improving public health outcomes, checking on the vulnerable ones, and protecting the youth, etc. Lastly, with so many researched and experiments going on for legalization of Psilocybin mushrooms, it is high time we teach our people the harmful effects of such drugs and the long-term risks associated with them. Every potential consumer needs to have comprehensive information about Psilocybin mushrooms, the related risks, harm reduction approaches, and precautionary measures. It will be better than criminalization and ban on the drug.

Dr.Jake Donaldson

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