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If you are looking to buy wholesale distillate in Canada, you’ve landed on a company that has extreme passion for their products. We offer some of the cheapest prices online and produce our extracts in a way that is completely unique! For more about the process, check out our Indica and Sativa articles on how we make our marijuana distillates and shatter. Furthermore, our variety bundles enable you to choose from your favourite flavours and buy at a discount with larger purchases. Buying distillate syringes in volume is easy in this bundles section! Mix and match your THC distillate syringes here!

Instructions (Please read carefully):

Start by selecting 4 of your favourite options on this page. If you select 3 or 5, you will not be able to load the products into your cart. Please refer to the reference underneath to select your bundle correctly.

4 Item Variety Bundle = Choose 4 flavours x 1

8 Item Variety Bundle = Choose 4 flavours x 2

16 Item Variety Bundle = Choose 4 flavours x 4

28 Item Variety Bundle = Choose 4 flavours x 7

Product Specifications

  • 1 gram of oil in each syringe,
  • 90% + THC distillate,
  • Naturally extracted organic terpenes.

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