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What is LSD?

A very potent chemical that is also well known for its mood-changing ability is LSD�mainly manufactured from an acid known as ” lysergic acid”. It is present in ergot fungus, which is grown on rye and some other grains.


This psychedelic is full of mystery in its past. As it was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann, a Swiss scientist, in the 1930s, it became very famous later. LSD gained its reputation very fast throughout the world, to be the substance, unlike others.�


Since it was first synthesized, it has been playing a paramount role in revolutionizing the psychedelics. Being a potent psychedelic, it is very popular for its shifting of perspectives, killing of ego, and even sometimes reforming lives.



The formation of LSD is found in crystal forms, which is the immediate result of a reaction that takes place between lysergic acid and diethylamine. After mixing and dissolving, these crystals are converted into a liquid for distribution.�



LSD possess some characteristics which are as follows:

  • Odorless
  • Colorless


Forms of LSD:

It is present in these forms:

  • Crystals
  • Liquid


Forms for consuming:

  • Candies
  • Drops�
  • Tab
  • Gummy candies
  • A sugar cube
  • Jelly (small bit of gelatin)�
  • Cookies�



LSD has a slightly bitter taste but is very popular for its effects, shapes, and attractive appearance of gummies and candies.�



Before using or intaking anything like LSD for enjoying psychedelic effects, it is essential to know what consequences you might have to experience. Do educate yourself regarding the risks involved, in order to reduce them in any severe scenario. There are many ways/ resources to learn for your help while making decisions.�


Process of Ingestion:

Oral ingestion is observed as the safest, though it is totally up to you. People choose to ingest it directly, sublingually or keeping it under the tongue.�


Keeping the acid tab under your tongue might be uncomfortable. You may choose to do it for tasting or testing if it is the pure LSD. The duration of keeping under the tongue won�t impact your experience.�



A very brief explanation of the dosage of LSD can be:


Higher the amount, deeper the experience


As the dosage is reduced or increased, LSD appears as a different substance. It is worth spending some time to know what you are seeking from your upcoming trip. More importantly, know your emotional state to avoid a bad trip or any risk.


Taking a microdose is always safe and better, initially. However, for your first full dose, set things aside and give yourself space to enjoy the trip because you may come across hallucinations, speaking in gibberish, and uncontrollable laughter.�


Effects of LSD:�


Expecting all the unexpected effects of psychedelics is not a very new thing. You may choose to take any form of LSD like gummies, drops, or tabs- all of them consequently provide similar results. You can not ever remain sure how things can proceed after your intake. You can manage yourself during your bad trips in many ways available. If you encounter anxious or paranoid thoughts, you can also sort your feelings using those methods. A common observation says, after the trip ends, you will feel any combination of lost, overwhelmed, grateful, anxious, or enthused. These feelings impact your future hours and reflect on your efficiency.�


Dr.Jake Donaldson

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