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August 4, 2020by Dr.Jake Donaldson0

If you’re opting to grow your own set of magic mushrooms inside a bin from the comfort of your own home, you might come across a phenomenon known as side pinning. And if you want to know about side pinning, and wish to learn how to avoid it as you grow your magic mushrooms, this is just the guide you need.

What Are? ?Psilocybin? ?(Magic? ?Mushroom), Side? ?Pins??

When you see a series of strange disease-type roots growing from the side of your magic mushrooms’ substrate, those are called side pins. Interestingly, these side pins are magic mushrooms themselves. So what exactly makes them problematic, you ask? Well, their placement.

The area where the side pins are growing is moist, so they might grow against the container as there’s very little space. And if this growth persists with plenty of moisture surrounding it, that area might become an incubator for mold and bacteria. As a result, your mushrooms could be endangered by such a phenomenon.

So what should we do to prevent this?

Tips To? ?Prevent? ?Psilocybin? ?Side? ?Pins?

To prevent side pins from forming between the container of your magic mushrooms and the substrate, apply the following solutions:

  1. A Liner

Although this isn’t precisely plausible for those who have growing kits, many with their substrates should consider this solution. Covering the bottom and side of the substrate using a liner can reduce the growth of side pins considerably. The material for a liner should be one that belongs to a black garbage bag. The liner will shrink along with the substrate and will cover every end except the top portion.

And even if you don’t have a black bag lying around, a regular clear one will do just as well, provided that it’s big enough.

  1. Ensure The? ?Moisture? ?Levels? ?Are? ?Appropriate?

One way to prevent a microclimate from forming inside the substrate for potential bacteria is to mist the substrate if or when you find that it’s not moist enough. Preventing the substrate from dehydrating is excellent in preventing those side pants from occurring.

Be sure to keep the top area of your substrate moist as it will force the mushrooms to grow from only that side.

  1. Make? ?Sure? The ?Light? ?Doesn’t Touch ?The? ?Sides?

Liners also come with a useful secondary purpose. As the liners prevent any area for the side pins to grow from, they’ll also prevent sunlight from hitting the substrate’s side.

Although there is a bit of debate going on that liners don’t affect light exposure much, it wouldn’t be much trouble to inspect where the light is hitting the substrate from and then change the position of the container should the need ever arise.

All in all, light is considered to be a secondary source of mushroom growth. But despite that, it is the liner and moisture levels that need the biggest attention.

If you have your growing kit with you, you can use the box as a way to prevent light from hitting the sides.

Dr.Jake Donaldson

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