Shroom & Magic MushroomHow To Prepare For A Safe Psychedelic Trip?

Psychedelics, psilocybin, or magic mushrooms have been documented for treating alcoholism, suicide, anxiety, depression, and headaches, among other physical and mental issues.

However, merely using psychedelics or shrooms isn�t as easy as you might think. To start off, psychedelics or psilocybins are hallucinogenic, which means that they can trigger a vast range of visual, auditory, and psychological changes in our minds, making us see things that are mostly not real. Some of those changes can be good, while others can be terrible, like freaking out or having anxiety attacks. The negative experiences or side effects that come with consuming psychedelics are collectively known as a �bad trip.�

Psychedelics are usually not for those that are weak in mind and in the body. However, this doesn�t necessarily mean that those who are in good health and state of mind are immune to the effects of magic mushrooms because they�re not.

Long story short, no one can prevent the overwhelming impulses that come after consuming these drugs. But there are ways to help you cope up with these changes as they happen.

Ways To? ?Prep? ?Yourself? ?For? ?A? ?Psychedelic? ?Trip?

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1. Have The? ?Right? ?Set? ?And? ?Setting?

Before you even consider the amount of dosage you want to take or even the intensity of the trip, you need to have the proper �set and setting� in place.

When we say �set,� we mean that your mental state must be optimistic, relaxed, and focused before consuming a psychedelic drug. �Setting,� on the other hand, refers to the tripper�s physical surroundings and company. This means that you need to be surrounded by people you�re comfortable with, as in those who are supportive and positive of your trippy pursuits.

Being comfortable with people you trust can help you cope through the overwhelming sensations of the drug. If you’re surrounded by people that you’re uncomfortable with and are in a strange environment, it could aggravate your negative emotions, causing you immense anxiety and fright.

2. Get A? ?Trip? ?Sitter?

When you�re on your �trip,� you never know what�s going to happen. That�s why it�s best to have a sitter � a close companion, like a friend or family member � guide you around. This is usually for when you start freaking out or do anything you�re not supposed to.

That�s why it�s really important to stay with a sitter whom you trust, to snap you out of it, and tell you everything is alright.

3. Maintain a Good? ?Headspace?

If you�re taking psilocybin, the naturally occurring compound in a magic mushroom, you need to consider your past and ongoing mental and emotional health and well-being. This drug can exacerbate latent or present mental disorders.

However, this compound can also be therapeutic in treating some mental illnesses, which can sound confusing at times. Nevertheless, psilocybin has also been known for triggering psychotic episodes. So do some research on your family history to see if there are any incidences of early-onset mental illness or schizophrenia and your family.

4. Take The? ?Proper? ?Shroom? ?Dosage?

Don�t take more than what your body can handle, especially when it comes to psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms. Even though psychedelics are technically impossible to overdose on, it is still possible to cross into the frequency that can do you harm instead of healing.

According to the Erowid Psilocybin? ?Mushroom? ?Vault?, a quarter gram of dried shrooms is the recommended dosage.

Dr.Jake Donaldson

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