Are you wondering how can you grow your magic mushrooms then you don’t have to worry at all magic mushrooms honestly the easiest thing to be grown on this planet however some specific parameters my query your attention and some of your patience to make it perfect

Mushroom strains are different from one another in their properties because they are collected from many different parts of the globe. This is why some mushrooms might not take a lot of your effort to grow. However, some might be very potent, and others may produce huge yields.

Once they grow, you will come to know the shapes also vary from one another. If we consider two different strains like B+ and Panamerican, set them somewhere to propagate on exactly the same day.

You will notice that Panamerican will barely give any outcome of mycelium even with a big mushroom in comparatively less time. Meanwhile, B+ will have a layer covered with mycelium covering the whole surface, having small mushrooms.

If you are about to experience growing your magic mushroom for the very first time, here is the tip. A highly recommended and friendly mushroom string should be used, and ‘Mexican’, in this regard, will impeccably serve the purpose. This specific strain is adaptable to temperature and humidity very conveniently than other strains. It has a higher chance of fighting with its circumstances, even if accurate parameters are not provided.

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Among the many factors that are necessary for growing magic mushrooms, the amount of light is essential because they should not be given a higher amount and quality from a direct source. Having said that, I mean the place you choose for your mushroom should get light but not the direct one it needs the light, which should not directly be shining on your substrate


Humidity is undoubtedly an essential factor as it is used to activate mycelium from where the sprout of shrooms will appear. By using a small greenhouse propagator, you can give an accurate amount of humidity. Moreover, maintain the hydration in your substrate using distilled water. Do not use tap water ever. The substrate swells up after it is hydrated. While making sure that the substrate is evenly wet – do not over pour the water. Remove access water to save the substrate from fungi growth at the bottom of the container.


A parameter that needs accuracy on its peak. Mushrooms best grow in temperature between 21 and 24�C. To produce a handsome amount of mushrooms, place the propagator in the middle. If your place is cold for mushrooms, you can buy a heated propagator. When the mushrooms are grown lower than 21�C, the growth is very slow. Also, the shrooms are less in number. As soon as mycelium activates, the mushrooms have a specific time for production.


Undoubtedly, a paramount need for magic mushrooms to grow properly is a clean environment. Being a delicate and sensitive plant. Avoid touching them with your hands. Gloves are essential for their handling. Maintain a balanced environment for better results.


In the second week after you have buried the strain, the mushrooms should start appearing in noticeable sizes. They will be ready for harvesting in another 3 to 4 days. Once you harvest them, dry them for some more days.

Dr.Jake Donaldson

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