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How to Create a Safe & Comfortable Environment for Your First Magic Mushroom Experience

Trying magic mushrooms for the first time can be a profound, life-changing, fun experience. While most people enjoy their first trip, it�s important to prepare yourself and your space so you have the best feelings and emotions as possible during your journey.

Here�s how to create the perfect tripping space and what to do while you�re there.

Pick Your Setting

It�s best to use magic mushrooms for the first time while you�re in a familiar, comfortable environment. The best place is probably your living room, or possibly your bedroom. You can create a very comfy setup that will complement your experience nicely.

Find the best place to sit and get comfortable. Keep essential items within reach, like the remote control, a bottle of water, and a journal. You�ll want your space to be as comfy as possible, so pillows and blankets are a great idea.

You totally can take shrooms at a friend�s place, but it�s best that it�s somewhere you�ve been before and belongs to a friend that you trust. Make sure that they tell you if any areas are off-limits or there are any rules during your trip.

We don�t recommend that you take your first dose of shrooms in a public place. If you don�t know how they affect you, you could get into a bad situation. In addition, magic mushrooms can sometimes cause anxiety, and worrying about people knowing you�re impaired can make it worse.

Find a Trip Sitter

It�s not a great idea to do shrooms alone for the first time. Taking magic mushrooms is a profound and intense experience, and you might not feel like yourself.

That�s why you should invite a trip sitter, a good friend who can watch you during your magic mushroom journey. They�ll ensure that you�re safe and mentally healthy while you�re in an altered state.

Trip sitters are also awesome to have around to check whether you�re having a hallucination or experiencing something real. They can also do tasks like getting something from the other room while you�re lying on the ground tripping out.

Curate Your Mindset & Intentions

You should be in a good headspace before you use magic mushrooms. If you�re depressed, angry, or stressed, that could carry into your experience. Try to meditate or journal to work through these emotions or choose a different day for your trip if you�re in a really bad mood.

Ask yourself why you want to use mushrooms. Magic shrooms can be used for many different purposes, which will dictate how you use your time under the influence. Some people use psilocybin to heal or learn something new about themselves.

On the other hand, some people use shrooms just to have fun, and that�s great, too! If you set the intention to have a great time, you should be in for the ride of your life!

Take some time to reflect on what you�d like to take away from your trip and plan accordingly.

7 Things to Do While You�re on Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin trips last approximately 3-6 hours, so you�ll have plenty of time to enjoy the effects! Here are some ideas to fill your time.

Play Music

Simply listening to music can have hypnotic effects while you�re tripping. You can make a playlist to fit the occasion or find one online!

Watch a Movie

Sitting back and watching a funny movie is a great way to spend your trip. Some people report that live action films look like cartoons while they�re under the influence of psilocybin! You could also watch a TV show or YouTube video to occupy your time.

Stretch or Do Yoga

Moving your body can feel amazing while you�re tripping. We don�t recommend running or doing anything too strenuous, but try stretching or doing light yoga. Breathe deeply and really feel every muscle in your body.

Look at Beautiful Things

Even the most simple things can fill you with wonder while you�re on magic mushrooms. You could watch some videos of beautiful locations or astonishing patterns.

New textures can be cool, too! Slime, faux fur, or water can be interesting and pleasant to touch while you�re tripping.

Explore Nature

Nature might call out to you while you�re having an experience on magic mushrooms. It�s extremely relaxing to go for a walk or even just lay down in the grass.

If you decide to go outside, definitely bring your trip sitter. You�ll need someone to make sure that you�re safe more than ever. Don�t go to a very public area if it�s your first time trying shrooms. Your backyard or nearby sidewalk is enough to fill you with wonder.


You should document how you�re feeling and what you�re thinking during your trip. Take some time to journal a few different times during your experience. Just write whatever comes to your mind without stopping for 5-10 minutes.

You might be surprised by the revelations you have during your experience with shrooms. Writing them down will help you process how you were feeling and learn from your time on magic mushrooms.

Make Art

Psilocybin naturally makes people feel very creative. You should have some art supplies handy to create a masterpiece! Consider gathering a drawing pad, markers, clay, pencils, or even painting supplies. Even if you�re not usually an artist, it can be amazing to see what you�re able to create!

Things to Avoid During Your Trip

? Don�t plan to get anything important done during your trip, or for about 24 hours afterward.
? Don�t eat for several hours before you take shrooms to avoid nausea.
? Don�t forget to hydrate. Drinking over time is better than chugging a lot of water at once.
? Don�t drive or operate heavy machinery.
? Don�t mix alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs with magic mushrooms.
? Don�t panic if you have a bad trip. Ask your trip sitter for help and wait for the feeling to pass.
? Don�t use your phone. You might send messages to people that you regret.
? Don�t have sex the first time you trip, and respect everyone�s boundaries.

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