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How Tim Ferriss Is Changing the Face of Psilocybin

Magic mushrooms are surging into popularity throughout the world as people realize their amazing medical benefits. It�s much easier for the world to learn about psychedelics when they�re being researched and talked about, and Tim Ferriss has been a very important figure in this movement.

Tim Ferriss is one of the figures best known for bringing psilocybin into the public eye. He’s well-known in entrepreneurial spaces and is working to change the world with the wealth he�s created. He�s perhaps most well-known as the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, a book that encourages people to leave their unfulfilling 9-5 jobs.

Ferriss is the host of the podcast The Tim Ferriss Show, where he talks to a wide variety of experts on various topics. The Tim Ferriss Show was the first business/interview podcast to reach 100 million downloads.

Ferriss is also a passionate angel investor, and works hard to improve the world. He has several charities that work to help low-income students succeed in school. His wealth is also the key to his involvement in the field of magic mushrooms.

Why Magic Mushrooms Are Personal For Tim Ferriss

Psychedelics are a very personal topic for Ferriss. He realized that he had been sexually abused during a magic mushroom trip, and psilocybin helped him find healing from the incident. He said he believes he would have died by suicide if he hadn�t received psilocybin treatment.

On his podcast, Ferris said:

�So I came very, very close. And at the time, it�s because I viewed the only option for extinguishing a loop was to kill myself.

And what I�ve learned since is that it is possible, and I�m not a hammer looking for the nail in the sense that I�m not recommending these tools for everyone. They do not address everything. They have risks, they have side effects.

But tools like ketamine, tools like psilocybin, in some cases with trauma, MDMA for PTSD, with qualified facilitators and therapists, allow you to do what I so desperately wanted without killing yourself.�

Ferriss talked about his personal experiences with magic mushrooms with The New York Times:

�It�s important to me for macro reasons but also deeply personal ones. I grew up on Long Island, and I lost my best friend to a fentanyl overdose. I have treatment-resistant depression and bipolar disorder in my family. And addiction. It became clear to me that you can do a lot in this field with very little money.�

Tim Ferriss believes that psilocybin mushrooms could help people with a wide variety of conditions. He told The New York Times:

�I feel, as someone who�s spent decades in darkness, experiencing many of the conditions that these compounds may have the capability to treat, and believing them as many even in psychiatry currently believe them to be intractable or at the very best treated with some type of suppression of symptoms, it�s an honor for me to play whatever small role that I can. And it�s also a moral imperative, I feel.

It�s been an incredible journey in every respect of the word. I�m hoping to continue to be a supporter and catalyst to the extent that I can. So thank you for saying all of that.�

Tim Ferriss and the Field of Psychedelics

Tim Ferriss is a strong believer in the possibilities of psychedelic medicine, including the use of magic mushrooms, LSD, and other substances as medical treatments. He�s putting this new field of research on the map and backing it up with substantial funding.

Ferriss helped to create the John Hopkins University Center of Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, the first and only major medical center studying magic mushrooms and other psychedelics in the United States. He used his wealth to fund the center�s operations.

The center has already done some great work to show the power of magic mushrooms. In one of their most recent studies, 24 people with major depressive disorder who hadn�t had luck with other treatments took two five-hour magic mushroom sessions supervised by research.

After just one week, 67% of participants reported that their depression symptoms had been cut in half. After four weeks, that increased to 71%. After another four weeks, researchers re-assessed the subjects and found that 54% no longer qualified as being depressed! Scientists believe that this relief will be long-lasting without the need for regular treatment going forward.

The John Hopkins facility is currently conducting 10 studies involving magic shrooms. Researchers are looking into whether psychedelics can help patients with:

? Anorexia nervosa
? Alzheimer�s Disease
? Alcohol use disorder
? Anxiety
? Lyme disease
? Smoking

Episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show to Check Out

Want to dive in and learn about Tim Ferriss�s perspective on psilocybin, LSD, and other psychedelics? Here are the best episodes of his podcast to learn more.

#340: Paul Stamets � How Mushrooms Can Save You and (Perhaps) the World

In this episode, Ferriss talks with Paul Stamets, an expert on the medical uses of fungi. On his website, Ferriss writes:

�The implications, applications, and medicinal uses of what we discuss in this interview are truly mind-boggling, and we get into some of my favorite subjects, including psychedelics and other aspects of bending reality.�

Ep 66: The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide – Risks, Micro-Dosing, Ibogaine, and More

On this episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, Ferriss interviews Dr. James Fadiman, who has been involved in psychedelic research since the 1970s. Part of the episode description reads:

�Cautioning that psychedelics are not for everyone, Jim dispels the myths and misperceptions. He explains how � in his opinion � psychedelics, used properly, can lead not only to healing but also to scientific breakthroughs and spiritual epiphanies.�

#313: Michael Pollan � Exploring The New Science of Psychedelics

During this episode of his podcast, Tim Ferriss interviews Michael Pollan about his book How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence.

On his website, Ferriss shares his excitement for this episode, writing:

�This might be the most important podcast episode I�ve put out in the last two years. Please trust me and give it a full listen. It will surprise you, perhaps shock you, and definitely make you think differently.�

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