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September 25, 2022by Dr.Jake Donaldson0

Did you know that not all magic mushrooms look the same or have the same effects? There are many different strains of psilocybin mushrooms to choose from for the ultimate trip, so it can be overwhelming to order shrooms online.

Shrooms Delivery Canada offers over 40 different types of mushrooms for your tripping pleasure. While they all have their own unique qualities and will lead to an interesting trip, here are some of our favorites.


Golden Teacher

If you�ve never tried magic mushrooms before, Golden Teacher shrooms are a great option for starting your journey into psychedelics.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms get their name from the golden center in their large caps. Like all of Shrooms Delivery Canada�s products, they can be eaten whole, used to make lemon tea, or steeped in tea.

Golden Teachers are awesome for beginners because they�re less likely to produce bad trips. While these are rare with all types of mushrooms, you don�t have to worry as much about overdoing it with Golden Teachers.

This strain is best known for its spiritual effects throughout history. It�s possible to enjoy a fun trip with them, but they can also lead you on a journey through the universe.�

When you try Golden Teacher mushrooms, make sure that you have a journal or some art supplies nearby. You�re likely to feel introspective and want to document your revelations.


Blue Meanies

Blue Meanie mushrooms are more potent than the majority of other strains. In some cases, they contain two to three times more psilocybin than an average magic mushroom. This makes them a perfect choice for people who are seasoned mushroom users who want to try something new.

You can identify a Blue Meanie mushroom by its vivid blue bruising. This also makes it obvious how potent the shroom will be.

Blue Meanie mushrooms tend to see colors and shapes that aren�t there. You will feel euphoria and can sometimes have spiritual experiences. Objects may even morph before your very eyes!

Blue Meanies can have therapeutic uses, including mood balancing, pain management, and reducing anxiety. These qualities make it the perfect shroom for microdosing.

Penis Envy

Penis Envy psilocybin mushrooms get their name because of their large bell, which gives them their signature appearance. They�re incredibly common and regularly used to microdose.

It�s commonly crossbred with other strains, so Shrooms Delivery Canada carries a variety of hybrids, including Texas Penis Envy, Penis Envy 6 (PE6), Albino Penis Envy, and Melmac Penis Envy.

Some people say that their experience with Penis Envy mushrooms was similar to a DMT or LSD trip. These shrooms are strong!

Trips on Penis Envy shrooms generally last between four and five hours. Some signature effects include euphoria, visual changes, temporal distortion, synesthesia, and spiritual insights.


Albino Avery

Some magic mushroom strains also come in rarer albino varieties, like these Albino Avery shrooms. These albino specimens have a bright, ghostly white color, very different from Avery�s normal coloration.

Albino Avery mushrooms hit more quickly than other types, usually in just 15-30 minutes. Users enjoy a more physical high and report stunning visuals.�

These magic mushrooms are generally best for experienced customers because of their intense effects, but they can be more chill than some other strains. 0.5-1.0 grams is all that a beginner should need if they want to try them. More experienced users can take between 1-3 grams.

Some people don�t like the taste of these magic mushrooms, but that�s okay! You can always make them into tea or grind them into a powder to put in food instead.


Pink Buffalo

Pink Buffalo magic mushrooms, sometimes also called Hairy Buffalo, were originally found in Thailand. According to legend, the man who originally found the mushroom and brought it overseas found the mushroom in a field where a pink buffalo was grazing. It may seem like he was tripping already, but pink buffalos actually do exist.

These magic mushrooms are quite easy to cultivate, making them a great choice for growers. They tend to be on the more potent side, which you can tell by the deep blue color that develops when the stems are cut or damaged.

A trip on Pink Buffalo shrooms can include euphoria, interesting visual hallucinations, and insights into the spiritual world. You might feel changes in your moods, thought patterns, and general perception.

It can be hard to dose these magic mushrooms because every one of them can be different. If you want to get an exact microdose, consider making a powder that can be carefully measured.


Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms get their names from their very long stalks, which resemble the legs of their namesake spider.

Shrooms Delivery Canada�s Daddy Long Legs shrooms are homegrown in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada, and it�s one of the new homegrown strains that they offer.

Daddy Long Legs mushrooms have classic shroom effects similar to Golden Teachers. They can cause strong visual hallucinations, feelings of love and unity, and deep vibrations and buzzing throughout the body.

This is a great strain to enjoy with friends at a party or music festival. You�ll find yourself laughing at everything! Just make sure that there�s a sober person to make sure everyone is safe.



Huautla magic mushrooms are named after Huaulta de Jim�nez, a city in Mexico where mystics performed nighttime ceremonies using shrooms many years ago.�

An American named R. Gordon Wasson visited the area in 1955 to go through the mushroom ceremony. When he returned to the U.S., he couldn�t wait to tell everyone about the power of psilocybin mushrooms. These Huautla mushrooms were integral to bringing these psychedelics to the Western world.

Huautla mushrooms are tall and skinny, and their unique cap comes to a point at the top. It produces new shrooms very regularly, making it an easy specimen to grow.

The potency of these shrooms is slightly above average, so it�s okay for beginners and experts alike. You should expect mystical and shamanic experiences during your trip that will bring deep introspection and spiritual thoughts.

Ready to pick a strain and start tripping? You can order the best psilocybin mushrooms on the market from Shrooms Delivery Canada.

It�s extremely easy to purchase shrooms online in Canada. You place your order, and we�ll ship it directly to your door!

If you don�t want the trouble of buying whole mushrooms, we offer a wide variety of mushroom edibles like cookies, candy, and gummies.�

No matter what type of magic mushroom you pick, Shrooms Delivery Canada is excited to bring you on the trip of a lifetime!


Dr.Jake Donaldson

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